BKT V-FLEXA steel-belted flotation tyres for trailers

BKT’s V-FLEXA radial tyre has been specifically designed for agricultural trailers. It offers latest-generation flotation with VF technology (Very High Flexion) to enable the transport of heavy loads with an inflation pressure 30 per cent less than a standard tyre the same size.

BKT has revealed a tyre specifically designed for agricultural trailers, the V-FLEXA radial.

The flotation tyre also incorporates VF technology (Very High Flexion), and this enables the V-FLEXA to transport heavy loads with an inflation pressure that is 30 per cent less than a standard tyre of the same size.

The V-FLEXA also combines VF technology within its all-steel structure. This steel belt build offers major resistance to impacts that cause punctures. Extra protection like this is especially welcome when working across ground with exposed obstacles as it will lessen the risk of cuts or casing damage.

In addition, the all-steel casing is composed of three additional steel-belted layers made of HD (Heavy Duty) steel. This construction supports heavy loads at low pressure and is further assisted by a super-resistant sidewall that offers further resistance to damage.

The extra-large contact area provides a balance of weight distribution and is gentle on the soil, helping to avoid compaction and preserving valuable crops.

V-FLEXA will be exhibited at the BKT booth at Agritechnica 2019 (from 10 to 16 November in Hanover Germany) in tyre size VF 600/55 R 26.5.

At Agritechnica 2019, BKT will also display the innovative AGRIMAX V-FLECTO in tyre size VF 600/60 R38. BKT says this winning combination of tyre technology will enhance both productivity and performance of tractors and trailers over any type of terrain.

Catch the preview at: www.agritechnica.com or on: facebook.com/agritechnica

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