BOSS Agriculture is an all Australian success story

With a commitment to listening to grower feedback and giving them what they want, BOSS Agriculture has become a market leader in many regions nationwide.

BOSS directors have worked their way through countless improvements over many years to settle on a model design that simply gives growers what they have been looking for.

By listening to what their customers wanted, the BOSS planter bar and air seeder cart evoked plenty of enthusiasm from the outset.

And the continuing support from local growers has taken BOSS to a point where its broad product range is now a market leader in many regions, operating in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA.

BOSS Agriculture was born out of the BOSS Engineering factory, based in Inverell Northern NSW in 2007.

Originally, BOSS serviced various engineering sectors including agriculture, transport and mining.

But soon, with the expertise of its directors in farm machinery, BOSS found itself specialising in the development of its own range of single disc planters, row crop equipment, air seeders and parallelogram tyne planters for the Australian market.

BOSS is a family owned company with a passion for Agriculture and Australian manufacturing and innovation.

Director Dan Ryan said BOSS Ag’s success was due to strong input from growers to develop products that get results in the paddock.

Design wise, BOSS was up to the task, and also made a commitment of continued investments in the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques .

Dan Ryan said BOSS Ag’s planters and seeders continue to perform well and offer simplicity and strength in operation with minimal repairs and maintenance.

It has been this commitment to improve local agriculture models that has helped BOSS to thrive.

Take a look at the list of recent BOSS releases and you can see the commitment that has gone into each of the new product ranges.

SX30 Series

Boss AgricultureThe SX30P and SX30 Single disc opener range from BOSS was released just in time for this seasons winter crop planting in VIC, NSW and QLD.

BOSS Ag’s SX30 Series is available as both a non-parallelogram and parallelogram variant and has some great new functions and precision options loaded into its impressive design.

The SX30 Series has exactly the wish-list many growers have been seeking for years.

The model features are so impressive we have listed them in dot form:

  • Sealed for life heavy duty non greasable bearings used throughout
  • 20-inch discs for extra life and increased seeding depth
  • Increased ground clearance on hub mounting arm for more seeding depth
  • Simple to use depth and pressure settings on all adjustments
  • Adjustable seed tube for extended life and improved seed placement
  • Tungsten seed tube for extended life and increased mud handling ability
  • Strengthened hub mount and axle crank arm for heavy duty seeding
  • Press wheel options to achieve a flat field finish for narrow row or hay growing applications
  • Optional spring-loaded seed boot for trash clearance
  • Optional single arm floating trash whipper for improved seed soil contact or to assist with chemical management
  • Optional air operated single arm trash whipper for precision control of trash and soil movement
  • Optional PSS Delta Force for constant hydraulic depth and press wheel pressure-controlled row by row.
  • Optional liquid, rear covering chain and diffusers available

Dan Ryan from BOSS Agriculture said SX30 Series row units had performed very well in what turned out to be very testing conditions in Victoria.

“We had a quite a few new machines operating this year but VIC was where the stubble load and wet conditions put the new row unit to the test with some really positive results coming from the season.”

BOSS Ag’s SX30 Series single disc can fitted to a range of different frames and the 2021 season will also see a range of fold forward frames be released for the first time.

TX60 parallelogram tyne

The 2020 winter planting also saw the introduction of the BOSS TX60 hydraulic parallelogram tyne row unit, for the first time.

With a few significant improvements to the proven TX45 (550lb Spring Breakout), the TX60 was fitted with a variable hydraulic breakout of up to 800lb and the introduction of a 2 x 1-inch tyne assembly.

The row unit is able to be fitted on 228mm row spacings and can be operated through a fully adjustable on the go hydraulic In-Cab kit.

The unit is also double shoot ready and offers the same accuracy and dependability as BOSS Ag’s existing tyne planting range.

Double Folding 24 Metre Bridge Frame

Boss Agriculture bridge frameThe Bridge frame from BOSS has grown since its inception in 2013 and now is proudly available in widths up to 24 metres (80ft) wide for large scale growers who require the ultimate in trash handling ability with the advantage of a high lift user friendly frame.

With a 22 metre (72ft) machine delivered to SA earlier this year and another being manufactured for a grower in the Mallee region of VIC, the Bridge Frame range will continue to grow.

And in doing so will be able to accommodate any growers requirements for different row spacings and tramline settings.

Air Seeder Range

Boss Agriculture airseedersBOSS Ag’s air seeder range continues to evolve with a Liquid Cart now available with 4800-litres of liquid capacity and  two bins with 14000-litres of combined granular capacity.

Other popular air seeder product capacities include 4500, 9000, 12000 and 20,000-litres in two and three bin options with a choice of rate controller.

With grower requirements ever evolving there will continue to be a need to adopt the latest techniques and this is the criteria BOSS has set itself to make its range so much in demand.

BOSS has an understanding with its customers that they will continue to listen and be there to support their product range and grower’s needs.

Dan Ryan summed up the company’s position in Australian manufacturing.

“BOSS has always had great support from Australian Farmers who buy our product which in turn means that we will continue to grow and manufacture locally.

“We have a great group of country people who manufacture a world class product and we can be proud of what we contribute to Australian agriculture and manufacturing.” Dan concluded.

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