Bourgault 3330SE and 3335QDA Paralink Hoe Drills performance rated

Bourgault is offering Paralink Hoe Drill choices from the very durable entry level 3330SE through to the more advanced 3335QDA with the greatest performance available

Bourgault 3330SE and 3335QDA Paralink Hoe Drills offer a design driven by grower demand with three to five section seeding widths from 9.1m (30ft) to 26.5m (86.8ft)

Bourgault’s next generation ParaLink Hoe Drill model range is offering the best of both worlds with the entry level lower specced 3330SE and top-of-the range 3335QDA with push button accuracy.

The lower specced 3330SE model replaces the 3320 Standard Edition, with depth control set at the individual opener level.

The third generation 3330SE has two different seed opener arm options to choose.

The ParaLink eXtreme (PLX) seed arm design that includes a tighter opener-to-packer distance and 1:1 contour ratio.

Or the ParaLink Dual (PLD) arm, a dual shank configuration with the fertiliser knife positioned ahead of the seed knife.

Both these options are available on the 3335QDA, but with an upgrade to AccuSet,

with the ParaLink Single (PLS) opener arm that offers a 2:1 contour ration that is highly adaptable and an ideal choice for the many situations that growers encounter 

But despite the distinct contrast of each design, all three opener options incorporate the proven parallel link design to maintain consistent opener performance during the seeding operation.

All three opener arm selections give the operator the ability to adjust seeding depth accurately from the seat of the tractor.

For many operators, no other seeder on the market offers the level of seed placement control available at the push of a button, as available on the 3335QDA.

The operator is now able to automatically adjust the seed depth from the cab, allowing the ability to change the seeding depth ‘on-the-go’ as paddock conditions change.

The advanced, industry changing AccuSet depth adjustment technology ‘smart’ hydraulic cylinders, controlled by an app on your smart phone, is mounted on the frame castor wheels to raise and lower the frame.

Bourgault advise that all growers have the chance of improving their crop establishment with their range of opener options.

For instance, the PLX opener is unrivalled for close ground following in undulating ground conditions.

Each seed will be accurately placed at the precise depth required, right across the paddock, with every 254mm (1- inch) in vertical travel of the packer wheel, the opener moves the same distance.

Bourgault’s 3335QDA with Quick Depth Adjust offers seed depth adjustment in a matter of minutes while in the paddock to place the seed for optimal results

As part of the quest for accuracy, the seed boot is positioned closely to the packer wheel, reducing seed bounce and ensuring good seed-to-soil contact.

Meanwhile the PLS opener has been designed to reduce the negative effects of rough and uneven ground and ensure even seed placement. By utilising a 2:1 contour ratio the seed boot only rises and falls 254mm (1- inch) for every 508mm (2- inches) of press wheel travel.

The PLS opener uses the same shank as its predecessor, so this means that any previous Bourgault tools and aftermarket seed boot options still apply to the new model.

The ultimate choice for growers, the ParaLink Dual Shank (PLDS) seed knife places the seed slightly higher and to the side of the fertiliser, allowing for initial separation of seed and fertiliser. 

The seed knife is adjustable both horizontally up to 762mm (3- inches), and vertically up to 381mm +\- (1.5- inches), allowing greater customisation and accuracy of seed placement.

For the ultimate in even germination, accurate packing pressure is a necessity.

While experienced operators can manually adjust their packing pressure while seeding, Bourgault’s PackMaster function can automatically adjust the hydraulic pressure on the opener circuit to ensure an even packing pressure is applied as the conditions in the paddock change, on-the-go.

These feature rich machines have been designed to get an even germination through accurate seed depth and even packing pressure, all while easing the pressure on the operator, meaning even relatively inexperienced operators can produce great results. Contact your local Bourgault dealer for more information on the 3330SE and 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills or go to the Bourgault website:  here.

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