Bourgault 3720 Independent Coulter Drill is in strong demand

The Bourgault 3720 Independent Coulter Drill offers outstanding seed and fertiliser placement across working widths from 9.1 to 21.3m (30 to 70ft)

Large scale farm operations and contractors are levitating toward big rigs such as the Bourgault 3720 ICD models that have a wide choice of set spacings and can cover ground out to 21.3m (70ft).

Bourgault’s 3720 Independent Coulter Drill continues to carve out a strong following with its combination of durable construction and wide options for seed spacings.

The 3720 model range is available in working widths from 9.1 to 21.3m (30 to 70ft) and the wide selection of spacing options is very popular with operators who run this versatile 2-row drill.

Spacing options for the 12.2, 15.2, 18.3 and 21.3m (40, 50, 60 and 70ft) bars include settings at 190, 254 and 305mm (7.5, 10 and 12-inches).

For growers that require more flexibility for their row-crops, the spacing of 190 and 254mm (7.5 and 10-inch) models can lock up one row to produce 381 and 508mm (15 and 20-inch) row spacings respectively.

The 3720 drill has a high degree of contour-ability and consistency that is aided by a parallel walking coulter arm assembly, that offers a a 1:1 parallel link design.

The opener assembly offers minimal sensitivity to debris and existing seed furrows to ensure accurate seed placement.

Operator control is aided with in-cab precise electric-over-hydraulic control so any adjustments can be managed as paddock conditions change.

There are two seed boot choices offered for selected models.

The low disturbance LDx seed boot scraper is available on all models and is designed to create minimal disturbance helping to ensure precise seed placement as well as to maximise moisture retention.

For drills set at a 305mm (12-inch) spacing there is also a Winged Seedboot Scraper option.

This provides additional seed protection by placing the product away from where the coulter has created the furrow, with the aim to avoid any “hairpinning”.

In addition, the Winged Scraper can be used to separate seed and starter fertilisers.

The 3720 ICD can be configured with a choice of packer and cleaner wheels to suit any  specific requirements.

The 114mm (4.5-inch) wide semi-pneumatic double-shoulder “offset” is very effective in directing soil over the furrow, as well as closing the soil flap.

This packer is a popular choice with the low disturbance scraper offered on all 3720 ICD configurations.

There is also a 114mm (4.5-inch) wide semi-pneumatic double-shoulder, without the offset, and that is most effective when combined with the winged scraper.

However, the winged scraper is offered on a 305mm (12-inch) spacing only.

There are two spoked cleaning wheel choices available.

The 76mm (3-inch) wide cleaner wheel that helps to minimise damage to standing stubble, and a 114mm (4.5-inch) wide smooth crown cleaner wheel that offers added flotation on softer or pre-worked ground.

For drills coupled to a Bourgault airseeder, fitted with the X35 Apollo control system, growers can option additional functions such as the Packmaster and Liftmaster.

The PackMaster option has a load cell that measures actual packing force exerted on the ground and responds hydraulically to maintain uniform packing pressure.

The LiftMaster function provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the paddock headlands.

Bourgault also offers Hi-flotation running gear choices for their 3720-60 and 3720-70 models with 800/65R32 tyres fitted on the front of the main frame and 540/65R24 tyres on the front of the wings.

The 3720 Independent Coulter Drill is also ideally suited to run Bourgault’s Series III Mid Row Bander fertiliser applicators for safe and predicable double shoot applications for one-pass seeding operations.

Contact Bourgault Australia on tel: 08 9399 9700, sent a email: or take a look at the 3720 Independent Coulter Drill on the web: 


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