Bourgault FMS seeders are ideal for pasture growth and specialist small-scale plantings

Farmers looking to improve pasture production have recognised the benefits that are derived from a more regular program of pasture renovation

Bourgault FMS models offer the least soil disturbance possible and can be configured in sowing widths from 6 to 9 metres with 4800 or 7200-litre product tanks

Being able to cover more ground each season is also leading to increased production and as a result much higher yields that turn into increased returns.

And operating a seeder that is able to cover larger areas in less time is where most farm operations are heading as this helps to achieve the results farming operations need to be viable.

Bourgault is aware of this trend and as a result is offering the FMS seeder range for pasture and specialist crop sowing.

Current FMS models can be configured in sowing widths from 6 to 9 metres and be fitted with 4800 or 7200-litre product tanks to increase productivity when seeding.

Bourgault engineers have designed the FMS seeder around current seeding trends as a two-row coulter drill system (CD) that operates a parallel walking coulter arm assembly, or as a three-row hoe drill system (HD) that deploys the XTC™ seed opener assembly.

That is to keep the soil structure intact by allowing air and water to flow through the soil as this helps prevent nutrient lock-up and other negative side-effects of excessive compaction.

Bourgault FMS models have the advantage of being one of the best pasture seeders and can also adapt easily to specialist crop seeding

Farmers across the country are seeing the benefits of this low-disturbance no-till seeding.

The PLW™ single-disc opener from Bourgault provides the ultimate in low disturbance seed placement.

The compound angle of the disc gently lifts the soil, places the seed then closes the furrow with a large rubber tyre ensuring the soil is firmly replaced with good seed-to-soil contact.

With input costs rising, any savings that can be made without reducing yield mean more money in farmers’ back pockets.

Accurately measuring and distributing the correct volume of seed is critical to any seeding operation, and Bourgault’s PDM Pro™ hydraulic drive metering units with Evenstream™ distribution towers mean every seed counts.

More and more farmers are moving to mixed species and companion crops to increase bio-diversity and a plant’s natural defences against pests and diseases.

Moving between farms or paddocks is easy with the Bourgault FMS able to fold to just under 3 metres

Not only do animals benefit from a varied diet, further reductions in fertiliser and chemical inputs later in the season are a welcome side-effect.

Previously, farmers have struggled to find the equipment with the capabilities to implement diverse seeding programs, but the FMS seeders have been designed to provide that ability with 4-tank metering and several seed distribution options.

Whether broadcasting cover crops or split-row sowing, operators can plant several crops at the same time with ease.

Many small-scale farmers and contractors have often looked at envy at the equipment available to large-scale cropping farmers, the easy calibration, high productivity, precise seed placement and robust designs.

Bourgault’s range of FMS seeders takes that technology and innovation and have redesigned it to fit into a package suitable for the current small-scale cropping, pasture growing and for contractors.

Contact your local Bourgault dealer for more information on FMS seeders on the Bourgault website here.