Bourgault FMS Seeders are the perfect fit for medium farming operations

Along with the benefit of narrow transport Bourgault’s FMS range of seeders is giving smaller scale operations and contractors access to the strength and productivity found in much larger units

This Bourgault FMS HD872 comprised A heavy-duty steel air seeder tank with up to a 7200kg product capacity and a HD drill equipped with a parallel opener

Bourgault seeding equipment is already the most sought after for large-scale broadacre growers and that same reliability and strength has now been built into their Frame Mounted Seeders (FMS).

These Bourgault FMS models are compact and versatile machines that offer ideal sowing widths of 6, 8 and 9m, with the advantage of a narrow transport package of just 3m wide and only 4m high (4.5m for 9m models).

A factor that is making these FMS seeders so popular is due to them being built with many of the same components seen on much larger models of seeders produced by Bourgault.

With, in addition the industry standard in metering accuracy, PDM Pro hydraulic metering units. Offering three speeds and a variety of metering augers, with seeding rates from 2 to 200kg/ha able to be achieved.

Both tine and single-disc models are available, and both use the same precision tine and disc openers that Bourgault offers on their industry leading broadacre seeder bars.

Air Planters in the FMS range have an accurate bulk fill system that transfers seed from the air seeder to the XPTM Meters located on the frame of the drill with no moving parts to where the seed is closely counted by the sensor at the exit of each XPTM Meter

The independent ParaLink openers with hydraulic down-pressure can be controlled either manually from the cab, or automatically using Bourgault’s PackMaster.

This combination can get the most even crop emergence with consistent packing pressure even as ground conditions vary with the automatic hydraulic down-pressure adjustment from PackMaster.

Versatility is a key component of these FMS machines.

Seeding options are limited more by imagination than tank capacity, with 3-tank metering in 4,800 and 7,200-litre capacities and an optional fourth Saddle Tank ideal for small seeds.

Coupled with the ability to use double-shoot air-streams and Bourgault’s Mid Row Banders, spreader plates or Tru-Trac Coulters, there are seed delivery options for nearly every possible product application.

An important part of the FMS popularity is how easy they are to transport between paddocks or on a road as once folded they measure just 3m

To further increase productivity and reduce fill times, all models can be optioned with either a BulkBOOM crane for filling directly with bulk bags, or a 200mm (8-inch) folding auger.

The ability to fill all tanks quickly and easily is a stand-out benefit from these FMS models, as loading options are normally very limited on a seeder of this size.

Reduced paddock footprint and a stable road platform are provided by large tyre options, with either 750/60R30 or 800/60R32 available and also several options for 3m centres for controlled traffic operations.

Optional brakes provide the added peace-of-mind when travelling on roads or in hilly country.

The optional 200mm (8-inch) folding auger provides an ideal way to load the tanks quickly while the hydraulically controlled hopper section tucks the auger away safely during transport

Wide, sturdy platforms and easy to access metering units also means that calibrating and loading and unloading the seeder is easy, with the tanks situated behind the bar away from the openers.

With the bar in front of the tank, visibility is at a maximum, ensuring that the operator can see the job that is being done behind them.

The strength of the frame is obvious at first look and gives the operator the confidence that this seeder will be able to handle the tough conditions that local growers know all too well, for many years to come.

Bourgault Australia has distribution centres on both sides of the country, with purpose-built facilities in Perth WA and Albury NSW.

Bourgault is committed to supporting its products and customers can be assured that with extensive parts warehouses on both sides of the country, both parts and service support are easily accessible.

Contact your local Bourgault Dealer, or read more about the complete line of Bourgault seeding bars and Aircarts on the Bourgault website here.