Bourgault offers Early Order Program on new 9000 I Series air seeders

Bourgault’s latest range of air seeders boost both seeding precision and productivity
Bourgault 9950 air seeder
The Bourgault 9950 air seeder is available as both a trailed and leading configuration in the 9000 I Series and it provides a 33,460-litre capacity over four tanks

Local growers are now in a position where they deserve and demand the most advanced seeding equipment the world has to offer.

After all, they are part of the major thrust for us to meet a $100 billion target for farm produce by 2030.

Air Seeders with progressive functions such as Auto Section Control (ASC), hydraulic metering and individual weigh scales for on-the-go calibration, are no longer considered optional extras.

Instead, these applications have been recognised as necessary to increasing seeding precision and productivity and are readily available on the latest release Bourgault 9000 I Series of Air Seeders.

With growers taking on expanded seeding programs with more demanding timeframes, it mean larger capacity air seeders are the way forward to reduce overall costs and keeping the seeders working for longer.

In 2021 the world’s most advanced Air Seeder line-up has been released by Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Specialists in broad-acre seeding equipment, the Canadian manufacturer has made one of the most accurate seeding systems even easier to operate and ensure utmost accuracy.

Growers now have the real option to reduce input costs and be assured that they are applying the correct amount of seed.

Each of the four tanks on Bourgault 9000 I Series Air Seeders are equipped with individual weigh scales

These Bourgault 9000 I Series of Air Seeders are able to precisely monitor and re-calibrate the sowing rates in real-time by continuously taking weight readings from each tanks individual weigh scales.

Local growers that want to sow for longer between fills now have access to the world’s largest air seeders with product capacities over 45,000-litres, incorporating four-tank metering, with the option of an extra 1,500-litre Saddle Tank.

The 9000 I Series seeders come in three product capacity sizes.

The 9650 is ideal for operations where 22,900-litres are sufficient, moving up to the 9950 with product capacity of 33,460-litres. With both these models available in either trailed or leading configurations.

While the 91300 offers a 45,790-litre product capacity with four-tank metering and the option of an extra 1,500-litre Saddle Tank.

A 380mm (15-inch) folding conveyor is standard on the two Leading models

For loading and unloading all 9000 I Series seeders come standard with a 380mm (15-inch) conveyor, while the two Leading models come standard with a folding conveyor.

The system Bourgault has designed here achieves high capacity fills while also being gentle on seed. The load/unload conveyor and tank sump design also provide for easier clean-outs.

Bourgault engineers are aware that as the Air Seeders keep getting larger and heavier, compaction has become an ever larger focus for growers. To combat this, Bourgault has placed a large emphasis on selecting heavy duty running gear and putting more rubber under the 9000 I Series Air Seeders.

Even germination is ensured through maximising flotation and reduced rolling resistance through large diameter, increased flexion (IF) tyres.

Even with the increase in size of seeders, Controlled Traffic Farming options are available with 3-metre centre axles available on the 9650, in both trailing and leading configurations.

For growers managing the largest-scale seeding operations, the ability for multiple seeding machines to communicate to each other is now a requirement.

Synchronising seeding progress onto a single map, with all operators able to view areas that are already seeded reduces the risk of misses and excessive overlaps, further reducing input costs and valuable seeding time.

Bourgault’s I2I (Eye To Eye) option allows two or more seeders to communicate with each other, and still provides one complete map when the paddock is complete. To get more information on Bourgault’s range of high capacity Air Seeders, and to take advantage of their Early Order Program, contact your local Bourgault Dealer.

You can also read more about the Bourgault 9000 I Series on the Bourgault website here.