Brandt secures control of all John Deere locations on New Zealand north island

The Brandt Group is set to play a dominant role on the New Zealand North Island with full control of all John Deere dealership yards

Brandt takes over the lone wolf dealership Wairarapa Machinery Services and seals the deal on control of all John Deere retail yards on New Zealand’s North Island

Nothing is going to stop the Brandt Group’s march to secure a majority holding of John Deere dealerships in the southern hemisphere. See how the company goes about supporting its customers on this link.

The Brandt Group of Companies has now reached an agreement to acquire the assets of Wairarapa Machinery Services, the last outpost on New Zealand‘s North Island not already under Brandt signwriting up until now.

Wairarapa Machinery was a successful and popular dealership in the Greater Wellington Region, serving the local community with a range of premium new and used farm and lawncare equipment since 1983. However, the Brandt offer was simply too irresistible to pass up.

Brandt CEO Shaun Semple has proven to have the biggest chequebook in the industry

This latest takeover by Brandt unites New Zealand’s North Island under one dealer brand and as a result, only leaves three other dealerships operating five John Deere yards in New Zealand on the South Island.

If Brandt manages to acquire the five dealer yards on the NZ South Island currently operated by Drummond & Etheridge, Southland Farm Machinery and Otago Farm Machinery it would place Brandt in an almost unique position of controlling all John Deere yards in a first-world country.

As for the latest Brandt takeover, Wairarapa Machinery operating on the North Island, the yard will continue with business as usual, run by the same team that customers have come to know and trust over the past 40 years.

“Combining all of the John Deere dealerships on the NZ North Island under one banner is going to result in more comprehensive support for New Zealand farmers and contractors, now and in the future,” Brandt CEO Shaun Semple was quick to confirm.

It will be business as usual at the Wairarapa Machinery yard with the same old faces except the Brandt logo will be added after the deal settles on 31 August 2023

“We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and earn the loyalty of Wairarapa’s customers through a combination of premium products and services and a consistent, high-quality customer support experience.”

With this acquisition, Wairarapa Machinery becomes part of a multistore dealer group with access to knowledge and expertise from 17 locations across the North Island.

Customers will also benefit from Brandt’s extensive parts and equipment inventory from premium brands such as John Deere and a number of complimentary product brands. 

The agreement is subject to due diligence and customary closing conditions and is expected to close on 31 August 2023. For more information on the Brandt Group of Companies call on tel: 1800 237 887 or see more at

New Zealand’s Wairarapa Machinery Services has been enticed lock stock and barrel across to the Brandt dealership badge with an offer to good to pass

About Wairarapa Machinery Services

Wairarapa Machinery Services Ltd was established in 1983 as a result of a merger with Solway Tractors. Two years later the company moved from their Villa Street premises to its current location at 315 High Street on the south boundary of Masterton NZ.

Of the five original shareholders, only Tony Candy and Bill Cook continued on in the business and have made Wairarapa Machinery Services what it is today.

Before taking on the John Deere Agency in 1983, the company had very little presence in the Wairarapa region. But following their appointment as the local John Deere dealer the team at Wairarapa Machinery became the market leader for tractor and equipment sales in their region.

This map of New Zealand’s North Island shows the length and breadth of control the Brandt Group of Companies has over John Deere retail yards on the North Island

About the Brandt Group of Companies

The Brandt Group of Companies is a family-owned manufacturing and distribution company that serves a growing international audience in industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, rail, mining, steel, transportation, material handling, and energy. The company has 6000+ employees and more than 170 locations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US.