Business Competitiveness Program $500K grant for Victorian Manufacturers

The Victorian government has recently launched the Business Competitiveness Program (BCP) to stimulate a COVID-19 recovery.

BCP is designed to assist small and medium manufacturers to expand their operations, implement new technologies and help create new jobs.

The program is aimed at expanding manufacturers with at least $1.5m turnover and 20+ staff. On offers are grants up to $500,000 for each project which can be used to fund up to 33% of the project cost relating to:

  • Capital expenditure (e.g. manufacturing machinery and equipment)
  • Non-capitalised expenditure (product and process improvements, prototyping, evaluation and testing, supply chain capability development)
  • Minor building alterations and fit-out costs
  • Training specific to the technology
  • Labour and contractors

If your project is over $300K, a private company Grant Solutions, is happy to assess project eligibility and discuss the options available to you.

Grant Solutions will do all the hard work and present you with a professional Application, Project Plan and Business Plan – that will significantly improve your chances of winning the grant.

Best of all, Grant Solutions is primarily compensated on results, rather than just effort.

A component of Grant Solutions’ compensation is only charged if the grant application is approved and the money is safely in your bank account.

Grant Solutions say their consultants understand the manufacturing industry and know exactly what the government is looking for.

“We’ve had enormous success with similar manufacturing grant programs, including MMF & FIMP, helping many clients obtain between $80K and $500K each,” spokesperson Ross Turetsky added.

There are also larger $500,000 plus grants expected to be on offer for MMF Round 3 and MMI Round 2 applicants, on the horizon from the Federal government.

If your project is over $300K, get in touch with Grant Solutions to assess project eligibility and discuss the options available.

Contact Ross Turetsky (MBA, BCom, BIS) on tel: 03 9505 0023, mobile 0413 791 140, or by email:

Subject: Business Competitiveness Program – $500K grant for Victorian Manufacturers – Round 2 Opening Soon