Canada’s Morris Industries taken over by private investors

Morris’ new owners want to build a strong and committed workforce and management team, with manufacturing space in three facilities in Western Canada. Its products line includes air seeders, drills and carts, packers, harrows and bale-handling equipment

Morris Industries Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading and long established farm equipment manufacturers has now been taken over by an investor group led by Ben Voss.

Voss, an active Saskatchewan grain farmer and agricultural engineer, will replace former CEO and majority shareholder Casey Davis. Voss and Davis made a joint decision to transition majority ownership to a group of investors led by Voss.

The change in ownership for Morris marks a significant commitment to re-investment in the company. Building on the recent announcements for advanced manufacturing technology investments, Morris will be undertaking an ambitious plan for the future by setting up expanded marketing divisions around the world.

“This sale is a great opportunity for this Western Canadian success story to continue,” says former CEO, Casey Davis. “There are existing and evolving market opportunities that will continue to allow Morris to grow.”

According to Voss, the company’s commitment to farm machinery innovation will remain unchanged. “Our plan ensures Morris remains a Western Canadian owned and managed company that continues to innovate and serve the needs of farmers and our global partners, positioning ourselves as market leader and a key part of the future of farming around the world,” says Voss.

Morris was started in 1929 by George Morris, and is one of Canada’s oldest and most recognised farm equipment manufacturers. Davis organised the acquisition of Morris in 2007 from Wendy Morris, daughter of George Morris.

Ben Voss joined Morris in 2015 as president and worked closely with Casey Davis to develop a new business plan based on innovation and reinvestment into the company’s research and development, manufacturing technology and product line-up.