Case IH Harvest Command allows for adjustments on-the-go

Case IH Harvest CommandThe AFS Harvest Command on Case IH 250 series combines keeps track of a machine’s settings to improve quality and savings
The AFS Harvest Command on Case IH 250 series combines keeps track of a machine’s settings to improve quality and savings.

The AFS Harvest Command automatic combine adjustment system available in the new Case IH 250 series harvesters uses 16 sensors to control seven combine functions, making for easy adjustments on-the-go.

AFS Harvest Command is designed to improve grain quality and grain savings through sensing and optimising machine settings.

Combines equipped with AFS Harvest Command have the same grain sample system as previous models, but a camera now allows operators to look at grain quality, including cracked and broken kernels, as well as material other than grain.

A Case IH spokesperson said that if an operator is harvesting through a field and wants less material other than grain, all he has to do is click on the ‘material other than grain’ button and then select if he has too much or too little, and that then changes the algorithms. If there is too much material other than grain, the system will close down the upper sieve and create less trash in the tank.

The 250 series combines feature a two-speed electric shift ground drive transmission, which is used in the combine’s auto feed rate control. An operator simply has to press the V rate control button on the multi-control handle, push the stick all the way forward, and it will automatically vary ground speed based upon engine load and various crop characteristics.

If an operator gets to a patch of heavy crop, the combine will automatically slow the ground speed, and it will speed up in thin crop patches. A maximum speed is set so that combines never travel at a dangerous speed.

AFS Harvest Command is already available for corn, soybeans, wheat and canola, and this year Case IH will be releasing versions for other crops.

The AFS Harvest Command is available in the 7250, 8250 and 9250 models.

For more information visit Case IH Australia

Case IH 250 Series combines
The Case IH residue management system is built to handle the tough residue associated with new crop genetics.


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