Case rejects plans to leave after Brexit

New Holland T6

Case New Holland plant bosses insist they have no plans to leave Basildon after more than 50 years in the town despite previous claims Brexit would force it out. Source: Echo News UK

Case New Holland in Basildon has a workforce of more than 1000 people.

Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, that owns New Holland, was quoted in Austrian media ahead of the referendum stating that he would relocate production to St Valentin, in Austria, if Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The tractor giant has now spoken out following the result of the vote to insist it has no intention of leaving south Essex.

A spokesman for New Holland said: “The UK’s exit from the EU is not expected to have significant impact on Case New Holland Industrial.

“Particularly the fact that New Holland is a tax resident in the UK is not expected to have financial consequences or require changes in the group’s governance, given the worldwide global distribution of Case New Holland’s operating activities and locations.”

Phil Turner, Tory leader of Basildon Council, said he is delighted the industrial machinery manufacturer is planning to remain in the borough.

He has called on other businesses to “remain calm” amid uncertainty over Britain’s relationship with the EU.

He said: “This is really good news for everyone across the borough. You have to consider that whilst Case New Holland employs about 1000 people, it creates another 10,000 jobs as a result of the plant’s activity.

“What they have shown is that we can’t afford any kneejerk reactions and I would urge businesses in Basildon large and small to keep calm before making any decisions.

“We don’t know what Britain’s trade relationship will be in Europe, and whether the status quo will remain,” he said.