Vocational overhaul encouraged for machinery repair workforce

The Productivity Commission’s final report into Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector has called for serious overhaul around its confusing and underperforming aspects. The Commission found that the multi-billion-dollar sector’s funding agreement between the Commonwealth and the states needed major change with lack of transparency, targets not met and poor accountability for monetary allocations. […]

MAXAM debuts solid telehandler tyre

MAXAM has introduced the MS709 solid telehandler tyre to its range of construction tyres. The tyre is made from 100 per cent rubber and its two-stage construction is designed to provide durability and a high standard of ride quality. A reinforced centreline eliminates lug flexing and tearing that can occur in solid telehandler tyres and […]

Farm machinery sales continue to increase in US and Canada

Putting more pressure on the availability of product for our local market, sales of tractors and self-propelled combines in August 2020 increased for the fifth month in a row in the US, and stayed above the previous year for the third consecutive month in Canada.

Agrifac releases the Condor 5 with everything you ever wanted

With a clean stage V engine, the much anticipated Agrifac Condor 5 is fitted with every conceivable specification to ensure it will offer the most cost effective spraying results. The Condor 5 from Agrifac represents a whole new generation of self-propelled sprayers. It not only looks like its big brother the Red Dot Design winner, […]