Euro 7 Emissions Standard upgrade likely to be adopted in EU

But don’t fear any change here, in Australia we still run with Tier 3 engines that produce enough particulate matter (soot) to strangely kill anyone overseas but that are apparently not a health issue according to our local authorities The adoption of Euro 7 emission laws for cars, vans, trucks and buses in the European […]

Transport Women Australia Announce 2020 Scholarship Program Winners

Jacquelene Brotherton, the Chair of Transport Women Australia Limited, wants to highlight the role women play in trucking through scholarships Transport Women Australia Limited and Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific have announced the 2020 winners of the Driving the Difference Scholarships. They are Alexandra Del Piero – Metro Trains, Sydney; Lynette Gray – Robertson’s […]

Southern Forest Irrigation Scheme won’t work says former Director General

Kim Taylor is the former Director General of the Department of Water in Western Australia and gives his reasons why he believes the scheme will fail According to Kim Taylor there is not enough water for the proposed scheme and it will also have a huge impact on the Donnelly River. But the current State […]

Donald J Trump why he should remain in The White House

The path for Donald J Trump to remain in The White House is clear – but will the American people see the obvious With the declaration from former vice president Joe Biden claiming victory as the duly elected president from the 2020 Electoral College vote it brings with it a clear path to ensure that […]