Celli Combovator slots nicely into a star line-up of cultivators

Farmgard has widened the distribution and product range of the Italian made Celli badge

Celli’s Combovator bed forming system combines cultivation and raised bed formation in one-pass – it’s a simple as bolting a bedformer onto an existing Celli power harrow or rotary tiller – to halve your work time and cost

Farmgard has expanded its Celli range of product lines along with its local sales team that now includes well known former Chesterfield managers Luke Rowney and Ian Luscombe.

With the added strength of the new team members the latest Celli range of models is now readily available across the country.

And while the regular Celli lines of power harrows, rotary hoes, spading machines and rippers are in demand, there is a new line of the company’s Combovator bed-forming system that is currently a star attraction.

The Combovator bed-former has been somewhat a joint Australian and New Zealand developed machine. And now in full production, it is attracting strong interest among horticulturalists in both countries.

Developed as a one-pass machine, the Combovator is able to combine soil cultivation and raised bed formation exactly as the grower requires.

Depending on the growers’ requirement, the Combovator can be ordered as a power harrow or rotary tiller with a bed former or roller.

Celli’s Combovator bed forming system can be set to shape and form beds into any width and depth

With the Z link design of the Combovator the bed height can be altered on the go, while the pontoon hydraulic adjustment also allows full control of the volume of soil inside the cultivator.

The Combovator works equally as well for root and tuber crops, such as onions and potatoes, or brassica crops like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. This makes the bedformer a highly adaptable soil management system for a wide variety of crops.

As an added advantage, the bed former and roller section can also be lifted or removed, and then this allows the unit to simply operate as a cultivator.

All Combovator units fold hydraulically to a 2.5m transport width, to quickly transport the machine between farm paddocks or down the road.

The Combovators can be specified with Celli’s new Evo Series of power harrows and rotary tillers. The Evo range has been developed for larger operations with working widths out to 7m.

The Evo Series has opened up the market quite considerably for Celli and during the past 12 months since their release, many new buyers have been attracted to the brand.

Farmgard has also expanded Celli models into Queensland’s sugar cane and pineapple regions with a range of rotary tillers custom-designed for these growers. Previously, growers had to make their own modifications post-manufacture.

CELLI Bedformer folds up to a neat 2.5m width when ready for transport

This range of Celli rotary tillers are a heavier-duty version to cope with the demands of sugar cane and pineapple crops – they are custom-built especially for local growers who are getting behind the badge.

The locally based sales and marketing manager Luke Rowney is well versed with the requirements of specialist growers in Queensland, and also leads the Farmgard team of dealers in every state and distribution hubs in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Luke is also keen to get the new range of Celli’s power harrows and rotary tillers that work from one to 7m into more dealerships, from the start of the second quarter of 2022 as these models are able to be retrofitted with an air seeder attachment.

They are designed as a pasture improvement seeder and offer product capacities of either 300 or 500-litres of seed.

The air seeders also include a low hopper sensor as standard as well as four sowing shafts and can be specified with either an electric or hydraulic fan. See more on the recent release Combovator bed-forming system at: https://farmgard.com.au/product/combovator-bed/