CLAAS now offer a rake for every requirement

With the pending introduction of the LINER 1900, 1800 TWIN, 1700 TWIN, and 320 swathers CLAAS can justifiably claim to being able to offer a rake for every requirement.

The German forage harvesting specialist already manufactures 20 different single, twin or quad-rotor rakes with operating widths from 3.5 to 15 metres.

The LINER 1800 TWIN (8.4 m) is a new model to the line, while the 1900 (8.05m) and 1700 TWIN (8.45m) will replace the existing 1650 and 1750 models.

All three models are high performance twin-rotor swathers in a trailed, fully floating rotor suspension that is controlled via a ball head for maximum freedom of movement.

Other features include a friction clutch that gently cushions peak loads and double U-bent tines.  The tine brackets have a set bending point so that if they hit an obstacle, only the affected tine arm is bent, leaving the swathing drive undamaged.

The tines are 9.5mm thick, making them robust yet flexible. While their specially-developed shape ensures gentle and reliable operation, so that even large forage quantities are picked up tidily without soiling the material.

The LINER 1800 and 1700 TWIN models have telescopic arms, providing the option to lay single or dual swaths. An optional swath guard ensures even tidier operations.

When folded, the main guard is automatically pivoted via a parallelogram, that reduces the transport height. Alternatively, the swath guard can be locked in the transport position to produce a wide swath.

The operator can switch from working to transport position from the cab, without having to get out to make adjustments. All models have a maximum permissible transport speed of 50kph.

The fourth model from the new range is the LINER 320. It is a single-rotor swather that is ideal for smaller areas and hilly country. It has a working width of 3.2m and is fitted with eight tine arms, each with three spring tines.

Its three-point mounting and lightweight design makes the LINER 320 the ideal entry model for smaller farms where work regularly takes place on awkwardly-shaped paddocks or on difficult slopes.

As with all CLAAS swathers, the four new LINER models are hermetically-sealed, have a maintenance-free rotor dome with eight, 12 or 14 tine arms with continuous lubrication of the cam rollers in an oil bath.

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