CLAAS sharpens up


The fully automatic wet grinder called Aqua Non Stop Comfort by CLAAS is now equipped to sharpen even more knives as used by manufacturers of self-loading forage wagons and balers. Source: AFDJ eNews

As things stand, the 70 exchangeable templates currently available can be used to grind up to 105 different knives.

Additional templates are being added to the range all the time.

What’s more, CLAAS can arrange the production of new templates as a free service on request.

CLAAS launched its successful knife grinder in 2013.

The fully automatic device enables precise grinding that strictly follows the contours of the knife. No manual intervention is needed during the grinding process.

A large number of sensors and a safety switch ensure absolutely safe grinding.


The optimised grind including grind angle, extends the service life of the knives and improves the quality of harvested crops and silage.

In addition, precisely ground knives ease the burden on the entire powertrain and improve the rate at which self-loading forage wagons and balers work.

Using the fully automatic grinder can also save contractors and farmers valuable time they can invest in other tasks.