Climate clarity needed for growing and continued ag exports says QFF

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is calling on the Australian Government to provide clarity around emissions reductions targets and support to achieve them to ensure the state’s agriculture sector remains competitive in the global market.

Following an Earth Day Leaders’ Summit on Climate hosted by United States President Joe Biden involving 40 countries, many of which made and renewed ambitious commitments to address climate change, the Australian Government has remained conspicuously resolute against any similar announcement.

QFF CEO Dr Georgina Davis said maintaining a sustainable and profitable agriculture sector is essential to the longevity and prosperity of Queensland farmers and the environment into the future.

“Queensland agriculture exports will need to compete with the domestic produce of these ambitious nations, who are implementing emission-intensity legislation and carbon border adjustment mechanisms to ensure a level playing field for imported goods so their sectors are not unfairly disadvantaged, or their bold carbon reduction targets undermined,” Dr Davis said.

“The federal government must provide clarity on emissions reduction targets and commit support to achieve them, otherwise Queensland farmers and agribusinesses will be left to do the heavy lifting alone, and critically, certify that our products meet the emission intensity criteria of the import country.”

“Additionally, the Australian Government must contemplate the need for tariffs and bans on imports from countries with even poorer emissions score cards than our own, otherwise our domestic sector’s efforts to decarbonise will be undermined.”

“QFF’s research, on-farm extension and policy work is helping to inform policies and actions that are changing the way that agriculture uses energy and improving land use management practices so that we can decarbonise our sector to meet targets, access more export opportunities and manage our input and operating costs.”

“Queensland farmers are firmly a part of solution when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and we must all be pulling in the same direction to ensure a bright future for the state’s agriculture sector.”
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