Commander Ag-Quip is noted for its remarkable range of equipment

From locally sourced materials Commander Ag-Quip continues to expand its range of high-quality Aussie made grain and stock handling models

Commander Ag-Quip’s self-propelled augers range in length from 10m (34ft) to 21.5m (71ft) and have barrel diameters from 220 to 330mm (9 to 13-inches)

For over 30 years, Commander Ag-Quip has been supplying the nation with top-range grain and livestock handling equipment.

This Australian-made company prides itself on its exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and dedication to using locally sourced materials, particularly high-quality Australian steel.

What sets Commander Ag-Quip apart is not just its remarkable range of equipment, but also its commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer.

With a team of knowledgeable staff, they are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Moreover, Commander Ag-Quip goes the extra mile by offering on-site visits to survey properties, ensuring that the custom-designed options are tailored to perfection.

Commander Ag-Quip feed-out bins are available in 4.5and 5.4cub.m (42 and 50-bags) capacities and both models have been an instant hit with stock feeders

The extensive product range offered by Commander Ag-Quip is designed to address the diverse needs of local farm operations. Whether it’s stockyards, shearing shed fit-outs, grain augers, feed-out bins, field bins or silos. Commander Ag-Quip has you covered.

No matter where you are in Australia, their nationwide supply capability ensures that you can access their top-of-the-line equipment without hassle.

One of the hallmarks of Commander Ag-Quip is its unwavering commitment to quality. By using high-quality Australian steel, they not only provide durable and reliable equipment but also contribute to supporting the local economy.

This dedication to quality is reflected in the satisfaction of their customers, who consistently praise the durability and longevity of Commander Ag-Quip products.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Commander Ag-Quip places great importance on fostering strong relationships with their clients.

Commander ag-Quip feed out bins

A 4.5cub.m (42-bag) and 5.4cub.m (50-bag) capacity Commander Ag-Quip feed-out bin is available and both have been an instant hit with stock feeders.

These models have a removable discharge chute and electric actuated trail feed door and have proven ideal for trail feeding grain or pellets in the paddock or for filling stationary feeders.

In addition, because they are easy to tow anywhere with a Ute, they are being used for filling planters with seed or fertiliser.

These units have a Split bin, each with individual bin flow control and run on a heavy-duty roller rocker suspension. The 150mm (6-inch) hydraulically driven auger has a handy manual fold-back auger.

A 7.5kW (10hp) motor comes as standard on each unit. While weigh scales can be optioned along with LED work lights, a roll tarp and tail lights.

Both models are Australian made using first-grade local steel, ensuring they can stand up to the harshest working conditions.

Commander Ag-Quip feed-out bins are fully set for operation with a 7.5kW (10hp) motor onboard to run the 150mm (6-inch) auger and electric actuated trail feed door

Local manufacturing operation

The company’s family-owned status speaks volumes about its values and dedication to providing exceptional customer service. When you contact Commander Ag-Quip, whether it’s through their toll-free number on 1800 655 033 or via email at

Rest assured that you’ll be greeted by a helpful and friendly team, ready to assist you with your inquiries and guide you through the process.

Furthermore, Commander Ag-Quip’s central location in South Australia and a new branch in WA ensure that clients from all corners of the country can benefit from their expertise and services.

Regardless of your location, you can rely on Commander Ag-Quip to provide you with the necessary support and solutions to enhance your agricultural operations.

See the full product line at: and experience the outstanding product range for yourself.