Commander Ag-Quip serves local farmers with leading grain augers field bin and silos

This all-Australian built range includes grain augers, field bins, stockyards, shearing shed fit outs, feedout bins, grain feeders and custom builds

Commander Ag-Quip’s self-propelled augers range in length from 10m (34ft) to 21.5m (71ft) and have barrel diameters from 220 to 330mm (9 to 13-inches)

This local manufacturer already has a leading range of products down their production line but can also design and change a model to suit a specific job application with a custom build made to order.

Commander Ag-Quip prides itself on manufacturing the highest-grade grain storage and handling equipment as well as livestock.

From design and manufacture to on-site installation, the company works alongside Australian farmers to establish effective, customised farming solutions. 

As a dedicated family business of nearly 30 years standing, the company says it is committed to using only the finest, first-grade raw materials for its products.

Commander Ag-Quip’s silos range from 10 to 81 tonnes and are delivered fully constructed and factory sealed to comply with Australian Standards and include ladders with safety cage and an adjustable angle

Distributed throughout the nation, Commander Ag-Quips products include silos, grain augers, field bins, stockyards, shearing shed fit-outs, feed out bins, grain feeders and more.

Strong customer rapport is one of Commander Ag-Quip’s main priorities, and the company collaborates directly with customers to understand their specific needs and preferences, offering free design assessments and obligation-free quotes are part of the service.

Buyers are invited to speak directly with Commander Ag-Quip’s design and manufacturing teams, who can then accommodate changes or additions to products based on individual needs.

Commander Ag-Quip uses first-grade Australian steel in all its products, and design and manufacturing processes are grounded in the latest industry research and recommendations.

Commander Ag-Quip’s Grain Commander 18.6m (61ft) self-propelled auger offers efficient and trouble-free operation built from top quality Australian steel with one-piece flighting and can also be used for fertiliser flow with a hydraulic drive and barrel elevation with intake-end lift for easy operation

These are the reasons to choose Commander Ag-Quip

Free Design Assessments & Obligation-free Quotes
FREE on-site farm assessments and quotes for cattle and sheep stockyards and our Grain Industry experts assist in finding the right product for you, obligation free.

Only the Highest Quality Materials
First-grade Australian steel, assessed according to strict quality standards, our design and manufacturing processes are grounded in the latest industry research and recommendations.

Delivery Australia-wide
A partnership with one of the largest distribution networks means that dispatch and deliver of equipment is available to almost any town in Australia.

Customer Support & Satisfaction Guarantees
Customer service is unparalleled in quality and support, you can speak directly with the Commander Ag-Quip design and manufacturing teams who can accommodate changes or additions to all products based on your needs.

Commander Ag-Quip’s field bins offer up to 62 tonnes of storage and are renowned for their durability and practical design made from first grade Australian Steel with a ground operated lid, large roof opening for easy filling and manhole access in the base cone also includes six sight glasses

Speak directly with one of Commander Ag-Quip’s industry experts today to see how they can support your farming operation.

Call toll free on 1800 655 033 or send an email to: or see the full product line at: and experience the outstanding product range for yourself.