Commonwealth Bank AgQuip 2017 was one of the best ever

When the Commonwealth Bank AgQuip 2017 primary industry field days concluded at Gunnedah NSW, it was hailed as one of their best ever.

Fairfax Rural Events Group Manager Kate Nugent said the event had experienced one of its biggest attendances of its 45-years to date.

Agquip attracted 100,000 visitors from the Central West and other regions across Australia. And had more than 3000 exhibitors and a large chunk of them internationally based.

The exhibitor space was bigger, there was a waiting list for exhibition space, car parking spaces were stretched at times, there was more of a focus on community and the international interest reached Japan and Russia, Kate said.

“We even had to extend one of our parking areas on Wednesday to meet the demand. It was an amazing day and our exhibitors are saying it was an incredible day.” Kate said.

The final, “big specials” day gained plenty of interest and is expected to see sales results grow well beyond the tens of millions for those companies a little later, especially when the rain comes.

Just a few of the many product launches at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip 2017 included.

Ark Tarps – a first-time exhibitor launched the Swiss patented XF-Fabric Tarps in Australia. The premium quality, heavy duty XF Fabric Tarps are 100 per cent waterproof for life, lightweight and strong.

Bute Engineering – launched the Grain Buggy – a time saving, low cost and effective way to unload auger bins quickly during the busy harvest period without using a tractor. This portable pto unit has the advantage of being able to move from each site quickly.

CoolCab Technology – showed a system whereby operators can remain in air-conditioned comfort while their machine is at a standstill. By storing power generated by the engine during operation and using a 24 volt DC driven compressor run by a battery bank, the machine’s engine can effectively be turned off for three hours, while still producing air conditioning for the operator. As soon as it returns to work from its idle state the batteries recharge once again.

Elynx – showcased their new StockMate – a mobile app for graziers and backgrounders. Users can easily manage individual animals or a whole mob. The system automatically captures EID, weight and treatment information for every animal. It calculates average daily gain and facilitates drafting and records all animal movements.

Industrial Hydraulics – released the Eaton Winner 2SN Ag Hose for the first-time in Australia. It is a quality hose at a competitive price – used for hydraulic system service applications with petroleum and water-based fluids and general industrial service.

The best of the live demonstrations at AgQuip showed an encouraging shift back to the golden age of field days when demonstrations were a key marketing component for exhibitors.

Future farming was a big focus, and Case IH and New Holland showed how they on the cutting edge with their autonomous tractor demonstrations.

Kawasaki hosted a new arena where visitors saw numerous live demonstrations of bikes and all-terrain vehicles and gained valuable safety instructions in the process.

Komatsu also dug deep with their heavy machinery carving out a dam and demonstrating the best earthworks techniques on a dedicated demonstration area. This live action was daily.

Toyota rekindled childhood memories with the reveal of a stunning concept vehicle that brought together the iconic Tonka and “unbreakable” HiLux brands. A full-size dream toy for adults, the HiLux Tonka Concept is an impressive rock-crawling truck that combines the enviable reputations for toughness and durability that dominate the Toyota and Tonka DNAs.

Many local non-profit groups came on board with events staff this year, including Gunnedah Rugby League Club on parcel pick-up, the Rotary Club of Gunnedah West on field services, and Gunnedah Lions Club on bar services.

They joined Gunnedah Red Cross, which continued to provide a parenting room, and Gunnedah Shire Council, which provided visitor information services.

“To involve the community is vital for us,” Kate said. “Whether it’s waste management, traffic management, all of these companies or individuals from the local area are working closely with us to help ensure that we present the best showcase of Australian agriculture.”

Delegations from China, Japan and Russia were in attendance thus year, the latter two for the first time, joining exhibitors from the Czech Republic, England, Germany, New Zealand and the United States.

For information and a prospectus for the Commonwealth Bank AgQuip 2018 field days, contact the organisers Fairfax Rural Events on tel: 02 6768 5800, or email go to or see the website at