Continental TractorMaster tyre aces tests


The TractorMaster tyre from Continental was a clear winner in German Agricultural Society testing

In testing conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), a pair of Continental TractorMaster tyres won out over all comparable candidates from other well-known European premium tyre manufacturers in terms of performance, fuel consumption, ground coverage, and drive efficiency.

The DLG test series comprises multiple tests of the efficiency of agricultural tractor tyres in various applications. Overall, these tests demonstrated that fuel consumption when driving on TractorMasters is significantly below that of the tested reference tyres. The tyre plays to its strengths in particular in the combination of fuel consumption with the determined ground coverage in hectares per hour: the TractorMaster does its job some three per cent faster than the comparable third-place reference tyre does across the same surface area. The agricultural tyres from Continental also exhibit the highest tyre efficiency in terms of the ratio of tractive output to power take-off (PTO).

In addition to undergoing tests to determine their specific fuel consumption in the field, ground coverage, and drive efficiency, the tractor tyres were also tested for on-road performance applying the DLG’s PowerMix transport cycles. The test run carried out across the partial- and full-load ranges under the DLG PowerMix transport cycle conditions (36 km at varying inclines and on the level) demonstrated that the rolling resistance and low level of slip on inclined sections have a positive impact on performance.

In the overall results, the Continental TractorMaster beats the reference tyres in all test categories by a clear margin, and has been officially granted the DLG test mark. In particular, the low fuel consumption in field use proves that the TractorMaster is an excellent choice for any farmer looking for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out more about the TractorMaster testing here.



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