Continental wins OEM tyre deal with John Deere

Continental tyres for John Deere tractors
The John Deere 6MC, 6RC, 6M and 6R mid-sized tractor ranges are now available with Continental Tractor 70 and Tractor 85 tyres in 30 different sizes.

Following a comprehensive audit of its Portuguese manufacturing plant, Continental has inked a partnership deal with John Deere to supply its Tractor 70 and Tractor 85 tyres for the 6MC, 6RC, 6M and 6R mid-sized tractor ranges.

The OE approval provides for 30 different sizes of Continental’s agricultural tyres to be fitted to the John Deere tractors.

As part of two audits, a John Deere team spent several days conducting extensive and detailed tests at the state-of-the-art Continental plant in Lousado in the summer of 2018 – from quality management to delivery processes, risk management and order processing. The auditors certified Continental with excellent results.

The Tractor 70 and Tractor 85 radial tyres are robust and guarantee a high degree of ride comfort, soil preservation and tractive force. They feature an innovative bead design and N.flex technology. The nylon material for the carcass is stretchier and at the same time more dimensionally stable than other materials.

Both tyres are designed to increase the performance of the tractors and to minimise the resources used. Even with high tractive forces, the 6MC, 6RC, 6M and 6R product lines from John Deere ensure minimal slip and flatter tracks, which is kinder to the ground beneath the tyres. Thanks to the special bead design with a single wire core and a shortened bead apex, not only can tyres be assembled in an instant, it also ensures soil protection since the tyres can be driven with low air pressure.

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