Croplands Pegasus 7000 Plus is key to big capacity

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The high capacity Pegasus 7000 PLUS trailed sprayer from Croplands already has a 7000-litre main tank, then has the added versatility of an additional 1500-litre tank that many growers are finding as a valuable advantage

Australian owned, agricultural spray equipment manufacturer, Croplands is quickly filling its order book for the dual tank, high capacity Pegasus 7000 PLUS. With a 7000-litre main tank, plus the versatility of an additional 1500-litre tank, many growers are finding it’s the versatility they have always wanted.

Croplands Portfolio Manager, Steve Norton is head of the Croplands R&D team and has been heavily involved in the Pegasus 7000 PLUS project.

“The R&D team at Croplands’ focus on being an innovative manufacturer of application equipment. This versatile Pegasus 7000/8500 has really challenged the way we think about opportunities to maximise efficiency with trailer spraying” says Steve.

The standard model’s 1500-litre tank is used for storage or fresh water and has a handy chemical drum rack fitted to the side of the chassis for 20-litre drums. Croplands envision that this model will be useful for growers to finish off small areas of the paddock.

As the 1500-litre storage tank is highly variable it can store concentrated chemicals to be used with a DCI pumping system. The chemical from the 1500-litre storage tank can also be used to pump into the main tank where extensive travel is required to refill.

The 7000 PLUS is fitted with two large capacity, centrifugal pumps. The first pump is utilised for self-filling both tanks from a 76mm (3-inch) feed line and maintain agitation in the 1500-litre tank, while the second pump is used to deliver chemical to the boom and maintain agitation in the 7000-litre tank.

Another variation combines the 1500-litre tank with the 7000-litre main tank, for a total volume of 8500-litres. Farmers utilising nurse tanks and pre-batching plants will get the most out of this model with the ability to fill both tanks. This model is also fitted with a dual pump system.

“More farming businesses are using nurse tanks to improve paddock efficiencies taking away the need for freshwater on the sprayer itself. This creates the opportunity for more useable capacity on the sprayer when needed” says Steve.

Croplands’ is offering a couple of optional application packages for the Pegasus 7000 PLUS to further enhance the spray quality and aid the decontamination process. The 25mm (1-inch) boom pumping system has been designed with four major boom feeds to improve chemical distribution from tip to tip, anywhere across the boom. Specially designed boom tubes are bent at either 90 or 180 degrees – avoiding 90 degree fittings and elbows to improve flow. This also improves rapid auto section response times and minimises points for chemical residues and contamination. A recirculation valve allows for boom priming and assists with a faster boom decontamination process.

Croplands 250mm (10-inch) spacing upgrade, also available with any of their Pegasus broadacre trailed sprayers, was designed to improve penetration of small targets and in heavy stubbles. With twice the standard number of nozzles, twice the coverage is achieved. Using 250mm (10-inch) spacings also offer a better distribution in some of Australia’s challenging rough and undulating broadacre country.

Croplands has incorporated the latest Hypro centrifugal pump using Pentair’s Forcefield Technology with run dry protection, providing the ultimate protection for the mechanical seal and helping avoid costly downtime.

Croplands have also incorporated many benefits with operator safety and ease of use in mind. The up and over platform allows for safe and easy access from both sides of the sprayer to the tank lids. The 60-litre Chem-e-flush hopper is fully integrated to the sprayer’s control system, with a range of optional extras including a chemical suction probe and 12-volt chemical transfer pump system, complete with Micromatic drum fittings.

The Pegasus 7000 PLUS has an airbag axle suspension controlled by an automatic ride height valve, ensuring a smoother ride and longer boom life. Adding to this is a standard air ride drawbar system that features an integrated Hendrickson airbag and automatic ride height valve, further improving the ride and minimising feedback to the tractor.

The heavy drawbar also has a heavy-duty adjustable hitch and swivelling eye. The Pegasus 7000 PLUS is fitted standard with 710/70R x 42 tyres and wheels. The machine’s rugged build and added extras are sure to get existing Pegasus owners excited about an upgrade.

For a limited time only, Croplands range of Pegasus sprayers are available with a free Professional Application Package upgrade. For more information search your local Croplands dealer at: or call Croplands Commercial Manager, Neill Morey on 0429 512 477.