Croplands RoGator C Series delivers the efficiencies you need

The liquidLogic application system on the RoGator C Series offers individual control at each nozzle body through 35 sections of the boom keypad all the way out to a 48m width

The RoGator C Series of self-propelled sprayers from Croplands is packed full of functions designed to make life easier for growers.

Key to RoGator’s success is the sprayer’s LiquidLogic application system.

The LiquidLogic system is able to offer individual control at each nozzle body through 35 sections of the boom.

This in turn helps operators to better target their spray as well as offering more precise application rates and more effective cleanouts.

The system also enables boom recirculation, allowing spray products to continuously filter in the tank and letting booms be primed on the way to the paddock, saving time and chemical before starting to spray.

In addition, “hold at minimum” pressure setting can maintain a +/-1 psi variation across the boom for a consistent spray pattern and to keep product on target at low speed.

Andrew Graham and Kerry McFarlane from Victoria’s Southern Mallee region recently took delivery of a RoGator RG1300C fitted with a 48m  aluminium Pommier boom and they say they are already seeing positive impacts on their spraying program.

Andrew and Kerry farm 2,900ha in Cannie Vic – 55km south of Swan Hill – cropping a combination of wheat, barley, canola, field peas, and lentils.

Depending on summer rain and weed and pest pressures, they average between four and ten spray passes each year at an application rate of 80 to 100 litres per hectare.

Since taking possession of their RoGator, Andrew and Kerry have already sprayed over 8000ha.

With travel speeds of between 20 and 22kph and with the addition of the 48m Pommier boom, they are able to travel quickly across paddocks.

The RoGator is the couple’s first self-propelled unit after having previously operated a trailing sprayer.

With boom width being a key consideration when they were deciding on the purchase of a self-propelled sprayer, the optional 48m Pommier boom offered what they thought was the best solution for a lighter, stronger and wider boom.

“The 48m boom allows us to cover more land, quicker and will result in less wheel tracks when crop topping later in the season,” Andrew said.

The Croplands collaboration with boom-maker Pommier and boom-height system builder Norac has created a responsive boom-ride for the 48-metre Pommier boom.

A five sensor boom height control and centre rack control are standard features on all RoGator models.

These sensor functions deliver industry leading boom stability, even in rough or hilly terrain.

This maintains optimum boom height, reduces drift and improves stability.

Andrew has been impressed with the RoGator C’s low engine rpm and corresponding fuel efficiency along with the smooth ride and operator comfort.

The Engine rpm in the RoGator C Series is managed automatically to deliver drive and system performance in response to changing soil and terrain conditions.

This results in fuel savings, reduction in wear and minimised operator fatigue.

RoGator C Series models are built around a simple, intuitive operational platform that practically anyone can master.

The AccuTerminal is a universal interface that lets you control and monitor virtually all chassis and machine functions right at your fingertips.

The operating elements on the floating armrest include the AccuTerminal, multifunction joystick and keypad.

You can also customise your terminal to view one function, or up to four different ones simultaneously.

It’s possible to manage engine, transmission, hydraulic, axle, spray functions, one-touch fold, electric sump, pump, main shutoff valve (MSO), recirculation, system maintenance and more.

The large 264mm (10.4-inch) Accu-Terminal has a smartphone look and intuitive touchscreen technology surface that allows an easy manoeuvre through functions.

The high-resolution, scratch resistant screen and all function indicators automatically adjust to match light conditions.

AgControl rate and section control lets you control up to 36 sections with tip-to-target accuracy, and provides integration between software, pump, plumbing system and all chassis functions.

Finally, AccuField Command headland management enables operators to activate automated operating sequences at headlands with the touch of a button – saving time and improving productivity.

Andrew purchased his RoGator from the local St Arnaud dealership, Precision Farming Solutions, where he is also able to source spare parts if needed.

To locate your nearest dealer for a demonstration drive of the RoGator C Series self-propelled sprayer, Freecall 1800 ROGATOR (764 2867), or see the full range on the informative website at


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