Croplands Rogator C-Series sets standard for smart spraying

The Croplands RoGator RG1300C can be fitted with a 5,000 or 6,000-litre tank and is available with a 48.5m (159ft) Pommier aluminium boom

To coincide with the RoGator’s 25th year of operation Croplands is releasing the RoGator C-Series self-propelled sprayer onto the local market, and with the incentive of a trip to the US included, it would be worthwhile inquiring now.

There will be two models on offer, the RoGator 1100C with a 4,163-litre tank, while the RoGator 1300C will come with the option of a 5,000 or 6,000-litre tank.

Both models are powered by an 8.4-litre AGCO Power diesel, with engine power respectively of 232kW (315hp) and 249kW (339hp)

Optional 48.5m (159ft) Pommier aluminium booms will be available with the RG1300C model, for contractors and growers who want extra width.

he armrest is the primary command point within the RoGator C Series cab, it offers improved ergonomics for the joystick, while the section switches, boom control and liquid system controls are located on the armrest

And while the RoGator C-Series doesn’t look so different from the exterior, operators will soon find it offers plenty of innovations to improve application and handling.

It comes with a Smart Drive system that is intuitive and smooth. Smart Drive links the sprayer management system (TMS) and drive functions, so no operator input is needed. The TMS controls both engine RPMs and hydrostatic drives for efficient operation in even the most undulating of country.

Smart Drive also provides better fuel economy, allowing the operator to match RPMs to their preferred speed. Running at a lower RPM to cover the same ground at a higher speed saves fuel, increases engine life, and reduces operator fatigue.

No longer is the need to run at full engine revs just to satisfy the hydrostatic drive system. Smart Drive also offers two-speed cruise control, with an “in field” speed and an “end row turn” speed and it’s easy to switch between the two.

The RoGator C-Series has all-wheel traction control with a single-hydrostatic, four-wheel drive system. Croplands says this is an industry first that provides power to the wheels with no slip.

If the system senses a wheel slipping, it diverts power to the wheels that still have grip to keep the sprayer moving.

The operator has ultimate control with two-wheel or four-wheel drive options that can easily be selected from the cab. Optional four-wheel steering provides a turning radius so tight that the sprayer has the ability to leave only two tracks in the paddock, with the rear wheels following the front with ease.

RoGator C-series sprayers also have an anti-lock braking system for emergency stops.

Folding the boom is made easy for the operator too. A single lever control provides comfort and improves daily operations.

There is now a LiquidLogic recirculation system with a continuous circulation feature known as FlowLogic. This moves chemical through the boom, plumbing and filters to help eliminate nozzle blockages. With chemicals constantly in motion trapped residue and air is dramatically reduced, minimising contamination.

LiquidLogic also improves spray accuracy and efficiency by creating consistent pressure across the boom and this maintains a consistent droplet size across all nozzles.

It also has a full recovery system, known as ClearFlow recover, another industry first that uses air to force chemical from the boom lines back into the tank to minimise waste and contamination. To make life easier for the operator, this process is done from the cab.

The LiquidLogic system incorporates a self-priming boom that works without releasing chemical through the nozzles. This system saves a substantial amount of chemical, and also improves productivity, as it is ready to go before the boom is even fully unfolded.

RoGator C-Series sprayers run a control interface known as Accuterminal, this is as intuitive and smart as the latest smart phone technology.

It has fingertip control to monitor and control virtually all chassis and machine functions, including rate and section control, guidance and optional cameras.

The Accuterminal screen navigation allows the operator to move through screens with intuitive touch-screen technology and view up to four different functions at the same time.

Accuterminal electronic controls can even automatically manage agitation to avoid foaming in the tank as product level falls.

Croplands are now accepting orders with delivery in early 2018. Orders placed before the 31st of December 2017 offer an entitlement for a free visit the AGCO factory in the USA. For more information, contact Croplands Commercial Manager, Neill Morey on 0429 512 477.