Croplands RoGator C Series sprayers are proven cost savers

Building on performance gains and fuel savings through section control the RoGator RG1300C can work equally as well with a 36 or 48m boom

While a 36m boom with 250mm nozzle spacings is a popular choice on the RoGator RG1300C there is a 48m all-aluminium Pommier boom option available to cover the ground quicker

Loaded with the latest in application technology, Croplands has designed the RoGator C Series RG1300C self-propelled sprayer to meet the demands of current farmers and spray contractors.

A critical component of the RoGator RG1300C is its LiquidLogic plumbing system that keeps product recirculating even when the sprayer is not actively spraying.

The system ensures the best quality product at the nozzle, saves product through full system recovery, and makes cleanout easier and more efficient.

LiquidLogic is designed to deliver ultimate chemical mixing and priming as the liquid moves through the plumbing system and back to the tank.

This allows booms to be fully primed and ready to spray as soon as required, and also saves time and chemical before starting work.

Streamlined plumbing eliminates dead ends where residues can accumulate and provides the best possible tip to tip spray performance.

“With input costs on the increase, it’s vital for sprayer operators to minimise product wastage,” says Jeremy Rennick, Croplands National Sales Manager and Product Lead for RoGator.

“Product is expensive and wastage impacts operators’ bottom lines. By saving application product, they are not only saving money but also being better stewards of their time and the land.”

“Whether it be due to less overlap with increased section control, not having to prime the boom at the edge of every paddock, full system product recovery or all of these things combined – the results speak for themselves.”

The RG1300C can be supplied with a standard 36m steel boom or upgraded to the light-weight 48m aluminium Pommier boom.

The Pommier boom has proven to be a very effective tool allowing operators to spray more ground each day along with a lessening of crop damage and compaction issues.

The RoGator’s Liquid Logic spray system is fully recirculating and holds product at a minimum pressure setting across the boom and that helps ensure a consistent spray pattern to keep product on target at low speed

Farmers and contractors who own a RoGator C Series also report exceptional fuel economy in comparison to the previous RoGator B Series.

Key to this is the revolutionary SmartDrive system, that helps the C Series burn less fuel, reduces noise and creates ease of use for operators.

The SmartDrive transmission resembles a CVT and is an industry first for a self-propelled sprayer.

Its fuel-saving transmission management system (TMS) works with the transmission to adjust engine RPM and hydraulic flow displacement demanded at each wheel to achieve optimum efficiency.

A speed sensor monitors each wheel, meaning that if any of them start to slip the power to the ground is adjusted at the individual wheel motor.

SmartDrive also enables the engine to run at the lower RPM resulting in a cooler system that burns less fuel and reduces wear on the engine.

Operators will also find favour with the speed range offered on the RG1300C with up to 42kph for paddock work and a very responsive 58kph when folded down and travelling between jobs.

Choose from a  stainless steel product tank capacity of 5000 or 6000-litres.

There is plenty of power onboard the RoGator RG1300C with an efficient AGCO 8.4-litre engine that develops 249kW (339hp) at rated speed while a boost can take it up to 272kW (370hp) when more thrust is required.

RoGator self-propelled sprayers are available through Croplands Self-Propelled dealers Australia-wide. See more about the RoGator C Series with the LiquidLogic plumbing system and SmartDrive transmission at