Croplands Tower and Vineyard sprayers now considered the best models available

Horticulture fan sprayers from Croplands are currently leading the market and an early order is the best way to secure your next model

The high-volume air delivered by Croplands Quantum Mist™ sprayers opens up the foliage allowing spray to penetrate into very dense canopies coving both sides of the leaves

With the extension of the Federal Government’s instant asset tax incentive program, Croplands is experiencing unprecedented demand for their horticultural sprayers.

Growers and spray operators are encouraged to act now if they want to secure a model from the best vineyard sprayer range for next season.

The arduous tasks of pre, post and mid-season spraying are made easy with the Croplands Tree Crop and Vineyard Sprayer model ranges.

All seasons covered whether its pre, post or mid-season and made to look easy with the Croplands Tree Crop and Vineyard Sprayer model ranges

High performance air-blast fans

Croplands air-blast fans are proven high performers and that’s growers are leaning toward them. Favoured over other vineyard models, they are engineered by Fieni, a global leader in agricultural fan design, manufacturing and innovation.

The Croplands Tree Crop and Vineyard Sprayer model range make the arduous tasks of pre, post and mid-season spraying look easy with these Fieni engineered models.

Growers started coming onboard with Croplands when they expanded their air-blast range in 2020 with the release of the 5000-litre Cropliner XV.

The Cropliner XV design with high capacity pump options, heavy-duty chassis and a choice of either a single suspension or tandem walking beam axle was what Vineyard growers had been waiting for.

These models can be paired with the outstanding Fieni 1060 DSV fan or with a new tall tree volute to specifically target tall tree crops – taking coverage and productivity to an extra performance level.

“Croplands have long been considered the market leader in spray coverage and drift control. These higher capacity model offerings address our large-scale customers’ requirements for less filling time and higher levels of productivity”, says Croplands Horticulture Product Lead, Andrew Germein.

Croplands high performance tree top sprayer range offers product capacities up to 5000-litres with air-blast fans engineered by Fieni – a global leader in agricultural fan design

Targeted coverage with Quantum Mist

Croplands Tower and Vineyard sprayers are fitted with Quantum Mist™ hydraulic-driven fans.

The high-volume, turbulent air delivered by the Croplands-exclusive Quantum Mist sprayers opens up the foliage, allowing spray to penetrate into very dense canopies.

The Quantum Mist fan design is very popular in vineyards and large-scale tree crop orchards. Delivering excellent spray coverage at high travel speeds so growers can enjoy exceptional efficiency while reducing costs.

Following the 2019 release of the premium vineyard sprayer, Quantum Mist Smart Spray, fitted with the ground-breaking QM-420 axial fan, Croplands has further evolved their offering to fit out all Quantum Mist vineyard sprayers with this innovative, highly effective fan.

“Featuring a unique dual spray ring design, the QM-420 fan has a total of ten nozzles delivering flexible and responsible coverage outcomes via a three-tier spray approach.

“This new system reduces the need to change nozzles during the spray season whilst also ensuring a more consistent operating spray pressure to deliver reduced drift or off target spray losses”, says Mr Germein.

Croplands also offer the industry-leading Quantum Mist spray coverage for tree crops with a range of tower sprayers fitted with the original QM-500 Quantum Mist fan.

“Producing high-volume, turbulent and directional air, Quantum Mist axial fans are designed to deliver maximum spray coverage whilst allowing for faster travel speeds and energy savings when compared to traditional air-blast technology”, says Mr Germein.

Early season demand

With early order incentives on offer from your local dealer now, there has never been a better time to invest in the market-leading quality of a Cropliner or Quantum Mist sprayer.

Demand for quality models is high world-wide, and with the federal governement’s instant asset tax write-off scheme still in play our local market is selling out fast, these Croplands models will be hard to get, unless ordered now for next season.

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