Crusader Hose has Flexidrag hose ready for immediate dispatch

Plan your next crop with Flexidrag® and order now to ensure delivery from Crusader Hose

Crusader layflat hose is recognised as the top selling locally produced range with a hose manufacturing track record extending over 35 years

The strong performance by farmers during the 2021-22 season to deliver a record $81 billion of value from grain crops and livestock has prompted many farm operations to add additional cropping ground for season 2022-23.

Overall, agribusiness promises to continue the excellent results and prices for farm produce is also expected to remain high.

Sound planning and the high prices for farm produce has put growers and livestock producers in an enviable position to extend their operations for the next season.

Many farmers are already well advanced in preparing their equipment for the coming winter crop planting with machine maintenance and equipment upgrades the main focus at present.

The staff at Crusader Hose have been busy supplying Flexidrag® premium drag hose to many expanding farm operations and the product range is currently well stocked and available.

However, as we have seen in previous years, as the season progresses there is always the possibility of delays if stocks orders sell out and manufacturing cannot meet demand.

Crusader layflat hose is recognised as the top selling locally produced range with a hose manufacturing track record extending over 35 years

The answer is simple, get those orders in now and there will be no delay in delivery.

With success in agribusiness dependent on many factors, including yields, the weather, and the economy. Farmers know that you can’t simply rely on good fortune for a successful season.

To gain the best possible yields and to make sure farm produce can obtain the highest market value, machinery maintenance and equipment upgrades have to be seriously factored in.

And when it comes to moving water to where farmers need it most, Crusader Hose is always on hand to offer a range of flexible layflat hose that is manuafactured right here in Australia.

Crusader Hose has been manufacturing layflat hose for over 35 years and has earned respect and recognition for being a company dedicated to supporting the agricultural and irrigation industries.

There are three main product lines suited to farm operations. Flexidrag®, the premium drag hose, Flexibore®, the flexible rising main, and the new Flexiline™ a robust high-pressure hose. All these hose lines have been designed to assist farmers into getting vital water to where it’s needed most.

Because Flexidrag hose is made locally Crusader Hose is able to maintain excellent stock levels and this makes it far more reliable to use and re-stock than imported brands

“Crusader Hose celebrates the success agribusiness achieved this past season. We are proud to offer our high-quality flexible layflat hose products to the Australian market,” said Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.

“Whether it be for broad acreage irrigation, feed to pivot or water transfer across many paddocks, we know what we’re offering is world’s best quality,” Francois concluded.

Crusader Hose is able to support farm and irrigation projects with reliable Australian-made products, that are designed for our local conditions. Get more details on this Aussie made hose range for local farmers, and to locate a dealer near you contact Crusader Hose on 03 9720 1100, email: or see the full range at: