CSIRO out to capture $10 billion in additional value from agrifood exports by 2030

The CSIRO aims to capitalise on the reputation and quality of the food harvested by primary producers with the launch of CSIRO’s Trusted Agrifoods Export Mission, which supports industry’s goal of reaching $100 billion in farm-gate value by 2030.

The Trusted Agrifood Exports Mission aims to contribute $10 billion in growth through new tools and technologies that can help verify the safety, quality and clean and green credentials of our produce

As a major food exporter, Australia has an outstanding reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier in international markets.

The Mission aims to build on that trust in the safety, quality and provenance of our agrifood exports that enables Australian agriculture to access high value markets for our produce and grow export premiums.

It aligns with the work being undertaken to enhance the traceability of our agricultural exports and modernise our export regulations and systems. Collaborators across industry, research and the department will start work in three main areas around market access, automated compliance and provenance.

Ultimately this is about enabling producers and exporters to gain greater market access and enjoy smoother compliance processes while elevating their product in a crowded global market. The mission will also help exporters to advocate for better outcomes for our agrifood produce.

CSIRO Trusted Agrifood Exports Mission:

  • The goals of the mission are to deliver:
    • a globally competitive export sector based on trusted ‘Brand Australia’
    • flexibility and diversity in export markets
    • greater premiums for Australia’s quality and trusted food
    • increased employment and opportunities in Australian agritech.
  • The department was part of an interim external reference group leading up to launch. The group identified a series of needs and opportunities, which form the basis for the mission objectives.