Cutmans Engineering grain augers offer a simplified reliability

Hydraulic driven grain augers from Cutmans Engineering show how they can substantially reduce maintenance costs

Cutmans Engineering range of hydraulic driven grain augers are designed to work through the time critical harvest period without a breakdown

Cutmans Engineering has a reputation for developing farm handling equipment that vastly improves product quality, while their range can also significantly reduce overall costs

Cutmans Engineering took over the over the former Ashmore Engineering product range in 2017 with the objective to reinvigorate some of the popular lines sought out by farmers and contractors.

Since that time, Cutmans has focussed on building up their models, with an emphasis on building highly reliable grain handling and feeding equipment.

Cutmans has now introduced an improved range of hydraulic driven grain augers that are able to maximise the delivery rate when compared with previous models.

This is achieved through a hydraulic drive design that has been vastly simplified to gain the maximise performance possible, while ensuring reliability and substantially reduce maintenance costs.

Cutmans’ has incorporated 27kW (37hp) Kohler petrol engine into their design to maximise flow rates with delivery up to 3 tonnes/min

To ensure continuous delivery throughout harvest these hydraulically driven augers are able to dramatically improve in-paddock performance by reducing and eliminating the use of parts most typically associated with wear, tear and breakage such as pulleys, belts, chains and sprockets.

The reliability and loading capacity of Cutman’s augers is paramount to their design, with a 27kW (37hp) Kohler petrol engine that maximises flow rates with delivery up to 3 tonnes/min.

Ground drive comes as standard, the high torque hydraulic motor connects directly onto the tail-shaft to provide differential drive to the wheels and ensure positive drive is maintained, even in the roughest crop conditions.

Another advantage growers have noted with this particular auger design, It is easily disconnected for transport.

Talk to Cutmans engineering about a custom made grain auger to suit your specific operation

In rough conditions, the standard Cutmans build will handle any grain transfer tasks, with built-in functions that include spring mounting to reduce shock and loads and to avoid damage to the auger.

It’s the added design effort that keeps these models running when required in the height of the season, and the reduced maintenance costs that is now making the Cutmans grain auger range popular with growers.

Another added time saver is that the fuel tank can be removed for refuelling, eliminating the need to transport the auger to the fuel source.

For more details on this expanding range call Cutmans Engineering on tel: 08 8843 8151, mobile 0429 481 471, or email: