Davey Firefighter production line returns to local manufacture

Davey Australia has returned the manufacture of its Firefighter pump to home ground as it abandons its two year experiment with Thailand

Local production of the Davey Firefighter has been returned to home soil and is in full swing in Victoria

The new head of Davey Australia says customer needs will always come first, as the brand announced the return of its Firefighter pump to local production.

Valentina Tripp, who was appointed CEO of Davey in March 2021, says Firefighter production was moved overseas in 2019, when a key component supplier relocated to Thailand.

However, a difficult summer bushfire season, followed directly by Covid, led to a need to reassess strategy.

“Our customers expect a very responsive path to market from Davey, and we found that in this challenging season, the supply chain had become cumbersome and unable to respond quickly enough to demand,” Ms Tripp says.

When Firefighters are needed, they are needed urgently – so Davey made the decision to bring the Firefighter line back into Davey’s production facility in Melbourne.

Ms Tripp says Davey’s ability to hear and respond to customers is one of the things that sets it apart in the market.

“We’re proud to be a global brand, with its heart in Australia. Our supply chain will continue to evolve and develop as our business continues to grow, but our decisions will continue to be based on customer need.

“As a product designed and developed on the driest continent on Earth, Davey’s Firefighter pump has been a critical part of our business since the 1970s, becoming a household name in Australia and other parts of the world with good cause – it not only protects lives and livelihoods, but it also provides peace of mind.

“Many decades on, the Firefighter continues to deliver on Davey’s promise of dependability,” Ms Tripp says. “Today, it is much more than a firefighting tool.”

Davey Australia’s Remote Start Firefighter Mark II pump can also be used remotely for stock feeding or irrigating as it provides options to start and stop manually, automatically on a timer, or remotely via an SMS service

The recent introduction of the Remote Start Firefighter Mark II allows the pump to be used for everyday farm tasks like filling stock troughs and operating irrigation sprinklers, with the added benefit of immediately switching over to emergency responses, such as sprinklers on roofs if heat sensors detect an issue.

“The pump can be turned on with a key locally, or by SMS which is critical in threatening conditions. The Davey Remote Start Firefighter Mark II provides SMS confirmation of starts and stops, as well as details about battery charge, phone signal strength and even failures.

With demand for Firefighters soaring, the business has added five extra staff to its production line, which is now fully operational at Davey’s manufacturing facility in Scoresby Victoria.

If you want to support a fully Australian owned and manufactured brand, it’s time to talk to Davey Australia about a Remote Start Firefighter Mark II pump, on tel: 1300 2 DAVEY

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