The Davey Group advise they have had a busy season and experienced continual growth in commercial and on-farm installations including centre pivots, intake and out loading facilities as well as continuing to refine and improve their offering to ensure they remain one of the leading storage and handling specialists

The Davey Group has a local HQ but is an internationally competitive civil, structural and mechanical engineering group of companies offering a comprehensive range of standard engineered products as well as design and construct capacity to service numerous industries, including grain operations.

Head office and main manufacturing is based in Toowoomba Qld with a proven reputation for excellence in engineering solutions, for accuracy and value in mechanical engineering and industrial plant construction.

All of these areas are challenging fields of manufacturing and The Davey Group excels based on its focus on quality, design excellence, job control and innovation in meeting client needs.

Industries serviced by The Davey Group include mining operations, oil and gas, power generation, explosives, food processing, glass manufacturing, agriculture, road transport, water industry aluminium and other smelting.

The Davey Group can respond quickly to urgent requirements and has the capacity to ramp up capabilities to meet peak demands

The Davey Group was established in 1987 and operates three divisions:

General Engineering: Including civil, structural and mechanical engineering. This includes a dedicated blasting and painting facility commissioned in April 2013.

Transport: Road transport trailers including a comprehensive range of Low Loader Trailers, Heavy Duty Side and Quarry Tippers for the resource sectors and a lightweight/heavy duty range of Grain Tippers along with other general and specialised designs for industrial applications.

Agricultural and Forestry: Agricultural machinery and equipment (tillage and planting), ground clearing equipment and storage vessels for a wide range of applications.

The Davey Group specialises in large, complex industrial equipment, storage solutions, materials handling, processing plants and supporting plant infrastructure. Items up to 50 tonnes and as wide as 11m can be manufactured on site in Toowoomba and delivered to site.

The Davey Group uses its past work as a basis for continuous improvement and regularly wins national work over international competitors. This depth of experience and capabilities brings significant value to the major projects market where quality, timelines, working to budget and flexibility to meet client needs are key drivers.

The Davey Group services clients throughout Australia and international markets including Hong Kong, the Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji, Brazil and South Africa.

The Davey Group’s services cover:

  • Engineering design covering a wide range of industrial applications. The company’s depth of engineering design experience on complex projects brings value through the quality of designs, constructability of designs and the ability to accurately cost complex projects.
  • Technical advice on product design and manufacture. The Davey Group’s technical capabilities and experience that can help clients to solve complex problems and improve the functionality of products.
  • Quality manufacturing and fabrication. Capabilities cover small to large scale

tanks, bins, vessels, silos and other storage containers, conveyors and materials

handling solutions including terminal equipment, shed and structures, concrete reservoirs/silos, large scale chimney stacks, wash plant construction, platforms and walkways, anode stem bracket assemblies, rollermills and mixers, and processing equipment.

The Davey Group can fabricate in mild and stainless steel and aluminium, and can apply protective coatings from industrial to food grade to completed products.

The Davey Group’s brands include:

  • SBT – Silos, Bins & Tanks Engineering Pty Ltd.
  • Rhino Trailers road transport equipment ranging from (size range, carrying capacity).
  • AFM (Australian Farm Machinery) Precision Planting and Tillage Equipment.
  • Homan Heavy Land Clearing Equipment, Bush Canopies, Stick Rakes, Cutter Bars and Blade Plows.
  • Savannah forestry equipment

Customer Service and Market Response: The Davey Group has a strong focus on understanding clients’ needs, building relationships and good communication. Many of the projects the Davey Group undertakes have complex requirements and are often required for brownfield sites.

Good communication to fully understand requirements plus weekly communication and reporting ensure that final outcomes meet clients’ needs. Call tel: 1300 474 466.