Delmade discs continue to break through tough ground

This Delmade 1050 Series 48 Plate Disc is shown at work in Childers Qld

Born in the heart of Tasmania, tried and tested in the harshest of environments. The Delmade 1050 Series Offset Disc is one seriously tough machine.

The first of these legends was built in 2001, when Delmade recognised the need for a machine with a high weight-to-disc ratio and ultra-low maintenance. Today Delmade Offsets are known across Australia for their extreme reliability.

The Delmade 1075 Series 48 Plate Disc folds to a narrow transport width for easy transport from farm to farm

Part of the secret of this success is the unique bearing system. Delmade Offsets boast an oil bath bearing with duo cone seals (the kind found in heavy duty earthmoving and mining equipment).

These bearings are long life and require minimal maintenance. In the words of agricultural contractor Phillip Fish, owner of three Delmade Discs, “We replaced five sets of disc plates on the original set of bearings. There’s not a set of discs out there that match them.”

Delmade Offsets are known for their robustness and durability. The ultra-heavy-duty main frame that is specifically designed to minimise service costs and paddock downtime is the back bone of the offset.

This Delmade 1050 Series 48 Plate Disc is always worked hard being drawn by a powerful Case IH 9330 177kW (240hp) tractor at Sorell Tas property

Featuring fully bolted adjustable gang frames, the gangs are easily adjusted for any application ensuring a ridgeless finish every time.

Tom Shoobridge, Managing Director of Cleveland Pastoral runs his offsets in rock and virgin country. Mr Shoobridge reports “Since the purchase of the two sets of Delmade Offsets it has reduced our downtime and maintenance costs. I would have no hesitation in recommending these products.”

Delmade prides its self in supplying Offset Discs ready for work from day one. Gerald Davis a contractor in North Eastern Tasmania, is the owner of a fleet of Delmade 1050 Series.

Gerald says “When the first 1050 arrived, we put it straight to work. We had two shifts and we worked the Disc around the clock 24 hours a day. The only time we stopped was to refuel and change drivers… I’ve never experienced hassle-free ploughing like this before.”

The Delmade 1050 Series Offset is available from 40 plates and folds to a narrow transport width for easy transport from farm to farm. It also features a heavy-duty scraper system and hydraulic pitch control allowing for easy in-paddock adjustments.

Delmade Offsets are breaking ground right across Australia. If you would like more information on a super low maintenance and seriously tough Offset, you can contact the Delmade Team.

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