Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 telehandler makes light work of heavy hay operation

Dieci telehandlers have an excellent reputation in the Australian agricultural market and a new machine has just joined the ranks in the form of the Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2

Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2

Dieci telehandlers have an excellent reputation in the Australian agricultural market and a new machine has just joined the ranks in the form of the Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2.

The new model has a lift capacity of 4,200kg and a maximum lifting height of 6.9m.

Under the hood is an FPT 4.5-litre engine rated at 103kW (138hp) and offering peak output of 114kW (153hp) but the standout feature of the 42.7 is its single speed hydrostatic Vario EVO2 transmission with electronic control.

The telehandler provides four driving modes: Normal, Eco – which shuts down the two-stage pump; Creeper – which uses full rpm but limited speed; and Loader, which allows full use of rpm and hydraulics but at a low speed. Maximum travel speed is 41.7kph.

As with other models in the Dieci range, the Agri Plus 42.7 VS Evo 2 runs on components shared with other major brands in the agricultural sector like the FPT IVECO engine, and the hydraulic pump and axles.

The redesigned 42.7 VS Evo 2 sports a cab styled by Giugiaro Design and offering very generous interior proportions.

The operator station entry and exit are made easy by the large door and once inside you are rewarded with excellent all-round visibility.

There is a unique sweeping windscreen that wraps into a sunroof overhead, a large window in the operator’s door and a similarly large rear window.

To facilitate air flow, a small forward section of the roof can be opened, the rear window also opens and the door window can be fully raised and lowered electrically.

Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2
The Agri Plus 42.7 will lift a 4200kg load and has a single speed hydrostatic drive that makes it perfectly suited to operations like Hay Australia that run non-stop

Changes to the interior include a sound-absorbing roof, dashboard and mat to insulate the cab from external noise, as well as a heated seat with three different suspension system options.

A raised seating position is designed to maximise visibility and from the operator’s seat the boom is clearly visible right through its arc.

The cab’s hydraulic shock absorption system uses four supports to reduce jolts and impacts in the cabin, while Its zero-shock system reduces oscillations and ensures a high degree of driving comfort.

The telehandler also has a new electric handbrake, anti-fog wing mirrors and an 18cm display that monitors three wireless cameras.

Other features include adjustable steering wheel height and depth, a stereo and plenty of storage compartments.

The direction of travel and boom are controlled by the new CAN-bus single-lever joystick, but aside from that most of the machine’s features remain the same, including most of the key controls.

Local operators will also appreciate the excellent climate control system with a double air filter and six vents that offers a high level of air distribution and temperature regulation uniformity.

For those working into the night or in enclosed spaces, the Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2 also provides a comprehensive LED lighting package.

For Hay Australia, a large-scale exporter of high-quality fodder, equipment productivity and reliability are critical, and that’s why the business has just added the Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 to its fleet of telehandlers.

Operations Manager Geoff Walker says the business has been using Dieci telehandlers for about four years, and they go non-stop.

Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 Evo 2
The Agri Plus 42.7 has a generous cab with big windows and excellent air flow thanks to an opening rear window, an electric door window and an opening sunroof. And when things get really hot there’s an excellent climate control system, too

“We sell about 140,000 tonnes of fodder, mostly oaten hay, each year through sites in WA and Victoria.

“We are constantly moving hay around the sites, from delivery to dispatch to the plant, and it’s all done by telehandlers.

“These machines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they clock up 2,500 hours per year,” he says.

“Dieci is the best brand of a number we have tried.”

In fact, before purchasing the Agri Plus 42.7, Geoff bought a 40.7 Dieci telehandler, even though he knew it was probably not the ideal size for his high capacity, non-stop operation.

“We were still running another brand at that time, but we put the Dieci in to give it a challenge. That Dieci machine is actually still running now and has done upwards of 6,000 hours.”

He says the upgrade to the premium 42.7 Agri Plus is already paying dividends, not only in productivity but in operator comfort and reliability.

“The 40.7 with power shift is an excellent machine that will meet most farmers’ needs, but the hydrostatic single speed Vario Evo 2 in the 42.7 Agri Plus is just ideal in an around the clock production facility.

“It’s like an auto transmission. Put your foot down and it drives.

“It also has a comfortable cab, which really matters when you are asking an operator to sit in there for a long period of time.

“They need space and good air-con because there’s a lot of glass, and Dieci has the best air-con I have come across.”

The business has invested in two new 42.7 Agri Plus machines, in the specialist Haymaster model. They are both based in Victoria, where the original smaller 40.7 Dieci is still hard at work.

“The Haymaster has a side shift on the boom and it’s surprising how often we use it. It lets you shift the carriage side to side to tightly pack the load.

“If you lift up and then realise a bale on the front needs to move left or right, you can do so in small increments without having to move the whole machine.

“It takes some getting used to but once operators learn to use it, they love it.”

As in most businesses, time is money for Hay Australia, and breakdowns can get very costly, very fast.

“Dieci’s reliability really has been excellent, but the reality is, every brand has breakdowns. It costs a lot when a machine is down.

“For us, losing the opportunity to do a couple of containers could cost $20,000 in cashflow plus we’re paying wages to people who are just waiting around, we’re unable to load trucks coming in from farmers. It all just snowballs.

“It really comes down to your dealership and their response time, their ability to carry spare parts and their knowledge of the machines.

“Farm & Diesel near Bendigo Vic is our dealer and they have really looked after us. If we have a problem, they have always had us back up and running within a day.

“We wholly and solely rely on Farm & Diesel to look after us. A good relationship with the dealer is paramount.”

Hay Australia sells into Asian and Middle Eastern markets, servicing customers who demand high quality fodder for their equine, dairy and beef operations.

“It’s critical to our business that we have the logistical and processing capabilities to handle large volumes, so we can minimise risk and maximise returns for both growers and customers,” Geoff says.

“Choosing the right equipment and creating relationships with the dealership are an important part of being able to deliver on our promise of quality and reliability,” Geoff concluded.

For more information call AWD on tel: 1300 888 479, or go to: www.dieciaustralia.com.au


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