Dieci telehandlers for farm industry specific applications proving popular

Dieci has a specially designed telehandler for farmers working with poultry, cotton, piggeries and Haymaking along with specialty attachments

In this high yielding cotton season with a lot of product to move Dieci’s heavy-duty Cotton Pro 70.10 has been the go-to machine with an incredible 9.65m lift height and 7-tonnes lift capacity to satisfy the most demanding work situations

Manufactured in Italy and engineered locally to meet the needs of Australia’s varied agricultural sectors, Dieci’s specialty telehandlers are built tough and reliable. 

Dieci works every day to evolve its telehandlers, adopting the best solutions based on research, advice and experiences with our customers.

And this consistent exploration has resulted in a range of industry specific telehandlers for Poultry, Cotton, Piggeries and Hay with a build to suit the harshest local conditions, with several impressive attachments and features.

Used to transport, lift and position light to heavy loads due to the incorporation of a hydraulically operated telescopic boom, Dieci telehandlers can perform various jobs using the same vehicle.

Unlike normal tractors with front lifting, these specialist lifting Dieci models have far greater reach, hydraulic capacity and maneuverability.

With lift heights ranging from 5.8 to 9.6 metres, the characteristics of the Dieci specialty range can be summarised in three categories that have always been the hallmark of each telehandler: technology, reliability and durability.

The result is a style of telehandler that stands out because Dieci believe their identity is in the strength of their models.

Dieci’s Poultry Pro 30.7 TC moves quickly around sheds and when you need it there is a 6.35m lift height and a 3 tonnes lift capacity at your fingertips

Dieci Poultry Pick-up and Poultry Pro

Whether you are picking up pens of chickens or cleaning out sheds, Dieci’s 2.5-tonnes Poultry Pick-up and 3-tonnes Poultry Pro models are guaranteed to help you get the job done efficiently.

These models have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the poultry industry with a number of features that make them ideal for use in hot poultry sheds.

With smaller wheels to help operators navigate more efficiently, the compact design of these vehicles allows them to fit into sheds and under gantries, typically used for feeding and watering poulty in their specially protected halls.

Along with a custom designed air filter system, Kubota diesel engine, double reversing fan, rollover boomhead for efficient bucket emptying, and LED lights designed to avoid startling poultry, Dieci Poultry telehandlers set the standard for reliability, safety and operator comfort.

Dieci Piggery Pro

Dieci’s Piggery Pro model offers similar features to the Poultry Pro.

An engine monitoring system with shutdown protection, reverse radiator fan and improved airflow to keep the engine bay clean, further add to the functionality of this machine.

Dieci’s Poultry Pro 30.7 TC has been specifically designed for the local poultry handling industry with a cab providing vision all round and an engine that runs cooler in hot poultry sheds with shutdown protection, reverse radiator fan and improved airflow to keep the engine bay clean

Dieci Haymaster 40.7

The introduction of big, square hay making balers, although popular with farmers, presented them with a new problem of handling and storing big and heavy packages.

A truly universal machine with extreme digging and pushing abilities, the Dieci Haymaster 40.7 makes light work of hay handling and fodder.

With four-tonnes maximum capacity and a lift height of 7-metres, the Haymaster offers an impressive rear-mounted radiator, hydraulic cooler and “Easy Ride” boom suspension.

Dieci Cotton Pro 70.10

The heavy-duty Cotton Pro 70.10 is a no-fuss, reliable workhorse with a four-cylinder Tier 3 FPT engine that is easy to maintain and service.

As the name suggests, the 70.10 has a seven-tonnes lift capacity and maximum reach of 9.6-metres. This model is ideal for cotton handling tasks such as combining bales of raw cotton, or spearing hay hales.

Dealing with such fibrous material as cotton needs some consideration, such as a tropical cooling system that is designed to shield the inter cooler from cotton, debris and dust.

These extra functions have been added to the 70.10, along with heat shields around the exhaust pipes to reduce the risk of overheating or fire hazard. As an extra precaution the oil cooler is mounted to the rear of the machine behind the cab.

The Haymaster and the Cotton Pro are both equipped with side-shift on the boom that allows operators to shift the carriage from side to side to tightly pack loads.

In tight working situation, operators appreciate the fact that they can move a bale from the front to the left or right side in small increments without having to move the whole machine.

The Dieci Haymaster 40.7 is the model hay professions turn to for moving quickly around haystacks with an easy ride boom system and side-shift carriage, along with 3 steering options including 4WD, 2WD and transversal with a 7m lift height and 4 tonnes lift capacity 

Dieci takes pride in building machines with the best components and a heavy-duty chassis that will last the distance.

Dieci reinforced booms are manufactured with high resistance steel that guarantees reliability, while load sensing and flow sharing distributors allow for more simultaneous movements during operation.

Every telehandler sold by Dieci can be customised to suit the specific needs of any on-farm operation. This added dimension is made possible due to the wide choice of attachments that can be specified.

These upgrades include Dieci specially designed forks, buckets, jibs, clamps for big bales and lifting hooks, and all the accessories that are required for farm jobbing.  

The standard for operator comfort across Australia’s demanding working environments is met with Dieci ROPS – FOPS approved cabs.

Each telehandler’s third-generation cabin is cooled by an advanced, Australian designed air conditioning system, making work in harsh climates far less taxing.

A roomy interior, luxurious air seats, 360-degree views, and excellent thermal and sound insulation, further add to the comfort and functionality of these handlers.

Step right up to the Dieci Haymaster 40.7 and immediately get a feeling of complete confidence as the working position and exterior view give perfect balance to the controls and what’s happening outside the machine 

When it comes to maintenance Dieci telehandlers excel, with more than half a century of experience in the telehandler sector, Dieci are consistently finding ways to simplify the serviceability of their machines.

Access to the engine is made easy with the optimal arrangement of components that make maintenance quick and convenient.

Radiators are straight forward and fast to clean, and air filters can be reached without any tools while the interventions required for the change of hydraulic oil are also minimal, as they are only necessary every 2,000 hours of operation.

Dieci Australia is heavily invests in safety, therefore each telehandler has been manufactured to meet local design and compliance standards.

And in addition, an independent external engineer signs off on every new machine or attachment, including any new design that Dieci has developed themselves.

Dieci’s range of specialty telehandlers are available through the Dieci Australia dealer network. For more information on industry specific telehandlers for Poultry, Cotton, Piggeries and Haymaking, contact Dieci Australia on 1300 888 479 or go to: www.dieciaustralia.com.au