Donald J Trump why he should remain in The White House

The path for Donald J Trump to remain in The White House is clear – but will the American people see the obvious

With the declaration from former vice president Joe Biden claiming victory as the duly elected president from the 2020 Electoral College vote it brings with it a clear path to ensure that soon to be former President Donald J Trump can still remain at the White House as he wishes.

Donald J trump can still play a vital role for the American people.

The soon to be former president is only one of a few recorded human on earth to contract the COVID-19  virus as he claims, and then be out of hospital without any symptoms within 72 hours.

Not only that, then be up out of bed with a victory run around the hospital to show his adoring follows what a great man he is, and be back on the campaign trail in just over a week.

Surely made of Teflon “or whatever”, what it does prove is Donald J Trump is no mere mortal, and this point cannot not disputed if you are a follower.

The American people should not ignore this miracle and must keep, soon to be former President Donald J Trump at the White House.

Even from an seemingly impossible position, with 213 collegian votes for Donald J Trump, with Joe Biden sitting on 253 Collegian votes at this point in time and only requiring Pennsylvania (20 votes)to move beyond the winning tally of 270, Donald J Trump was not fazed.

In addition, at this crucial point Biden was leading in Nebraska (5 votes), Nevada (6 votes), Georgia (16 votes), Michigan (16 votes), Wisconsin (10 votes), worth a further 53 votes, and all likely to go Biden’s way.

The only likely states for Donald J Trump at this time in the count were North Carolina (12 votes) and Alaska (3 votes). Nowhere near enough win the Presidency for a second term. At best it gave the Trump camp 228 Collegian votes, well short of the 270 required.

But little did other than true devotees understand the grand plan that Donald J Trump was hatching to stay on at the White House at this point, more on that later.

Tally rooms in the remaining slow count states were progressing under the threat of court fuelled writs closing them down, and scrutineers standing over their shoulders to extract every possible grasp for victory.

Then five days after casting their votes, came the swell of the turning tide in Pennsylvania (20 votes) where the Trump camp once had a compelling lead of almost 200,000 votes, prior to the postal ballot count.

Pennsylvania turned its Delaware County  witchcraft up to full heat.

Polling experts were freaking out the Trump camp. Instead of an obvious victory it was estimated that the one million mail ballots still to be counted would turn the state into a Biden victory.

The Trump camp swung into action and filed a motion with the Supreme Court to add its clout to a lawsuit filed to stop the count of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

Prior to waiting for the court result, the Trump camp despatched high ranking family members Eric and Lara Trump, along with former New York mayor and now leading Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to Philadelphia for a press conference.

Giuliani led the charge by claiming “massive cheating” is taking place in Pennsylvania while the Trump camp prepared its court writ to stop mail ballots in the state from being tallied due to a lack of transparency.

It was a grand last stand for the Trump camp, but came to nothing without any evidence to back it up in a Republican state, Trump’s own side, where election officials strongly denied any impropriety.

No evidence could be presented to stop Biden from his victory march to the Whitehouse from a mere 35,000 votes at the final count.

This was the worst result of all for supporters of soon to be former President Donald J Trump, Pennsylvania (20 votes) fell to the Biden camp, tally now 273 Collegian votes.

President elect Joe Biden had won the state where he was born to become the 46th President of the United States – with the result yet to be confirmed by the Electoral College

Biden had won the state where he was born. And it was enough to declare former vice president Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

This was quickly followed by a declared Biden victory in Nebraska (5 votes) that spurred his presidential tally to 278 Collegian votes that broke the stalemate of uncertainty.

It should be pointed out that while the Biden claim of victory is the normal path following the release of vote tallies from state appointed polling booths, the Electoral College is the authority that will declare the final result. 

It is possible that path could be cluttered with a litany of lawsuits designed to change the face of the traditional American voting system forever, or it could also fizzle out fast without Republican party support and truckloads of money being delivered to Lawyers.

Moving forward, it is difficult to know whether the President elect Joe Biden will be kind to Donald J Trump.

Biden has outlined how he will turn the other cheek for Trump supporters, but will this kindness extend to the man that called him the “worst (Presidential) candidate ever”.

Biden has blown that ascertain out of the water by extracting the most votes ever from the American people, 75 million votes, 4 million more than Donald J Trump’s 71 million votes for Presidency.

But by the same token, with 71 million votes, this places Donald J Trump in a position as the second highest vote getter on record, even more than Barack Obama’s 69 million vote record in 2008.

And while all this razzmatazz has led to the appointment of a new President of the US it is the future of Donald J Trump that will gazump any of the proceedings that we have, or are about to witness.

Even with former vice president Joe Biden moving into The White House as the duly elected president of the United States from the 2020 Electoral College vote, there is also a compelling argument for former President Donald J Trump to stay on as well.

Behind this whole era of the Trump presidency there has been a mystifying and undeniable allure that has engulfed Trump supporters, that in turn, have not always been traditional Republican party supporters.

They are first and foremost Trump supporters.

These supporters have often seen things about their leader that those with less faith don’t quite comprehend.

But this, blind faith has been revealed to all and many still didn’t understand just what they have witnessed.

Here is a man who claimed to contract the deadly COVID-19 virus, was rushed into vital medical care, and within just 72 hours had recovered enough to do a victory lap of the hospital where thousands of his supporters were in attendance to catch a wave.

But as we all know, it didn’t end there. In just over a week the Trump rallies were back, several a day across the country with thousands of true believers in attendance.

There is a yet to be determined argument that soon to be former President Donald J Trump should stay on at The White House – following his electoral defeat

And if you were to base an election on a final last minute adrenaline rush, Donald J Trump won that contest hands-down.

However, this is not the contest, and the role for the presidency has been determined on other less bold criteria, long-held American democracy.

But the argument to keep Donald J Trump at The White House will continue and there is an obvious solution to fulfill this scenario, where all can claim a victory.

Prepare a suite in a secure basement bunker where this Great Man’s immunity to the COVID-19 virus can be explored, and used as an antidote to the crippling pandemic that is sweeping the US.

Trump supporters already know a cure exists, they have seen it – they have felt it and if Donald J Trump stays at The White House, they will finally get their chance to taste that sweet elixir.

Once the vaccine is distributed, it will “Make America Great Again”.

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