Dow launches one-pass herbicide rexade for cereal growers

Cereal growers will now be able to combat more than 24 variants of key broadleaf weeds along with their key grass weeds with the launch of Dow AgroSciences’ one-pass grass and broadleaf weed control solution Rexade Herbicide with Arylex active.

Rexade is a broad spectrum and highly compatible herbicide, approved for use in triticale and wheat (non-durum varieties).

“Cereal growers can expect significantly enhanced weed control when using Rexade due to the addition of the Arylex active ingredient,” said Dow AgroSciences Cereals Marketing Manager, Dan Dixon.

“Rexade can be tank mixed with various other herbicides and has a wide window of application which will ease pressure on cereal growers, saving them both time and money,” Dan continued. The herbicide is perfect for combatting early post-emergent grass and broadleaf weeds, and will efficiently control many key grass species including; brome grass, phalaris and wild oats and will help suppress resurgent annual ryegrass, barley grass and silver grass.

Rexade will also prove effective against bedstraw, bifora, chickpeas, deadnettle, faba beans, seedling fleabane, fumitory and lentils.

Rexade has a wide window of application (GS13-31) with a low rate of 100g/ha and has been formulated using Dow AgroSciences’ patented GoDRI RDT technology a water dispersible granule (WDG). The Rexade formulation is highly soluble in water and will disperse rapidly in the spray tank, allowing for enhanced mixing, application productivity, handling performance and easier storage.

Rexade has a grazing withholding period (WHP) of four weeks allowing for use in grain and graze systems. It is rain fast in 6 hours and works best when applied with LVE 600 MCPA to a healthy competitive crop with weeds that are actively growing, small and in low densities.

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