Dr. Jens Foerst takes CLAAS’ global tractor division

Jen Foerst

From June 1, Dr Jens Foerst will be taking over responsibility for the tractor division in addition to CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH, and will be joining the CLAAS Group Executive Board as of 1 April. Source: AFDJ eNews

Since starting his career after completing his studies at RWTH Aachen, Jens Foerst has held numerous international management positions at EvoBus and MAN and most recently headed a global production network at BMW.

Lothar Kriszun

He will be taking over from Lothar Kriszun, who will remain speaker of the CLAAS Group Executive Board as part of the gradual implementation of a generational change.

Lothar Kriszun will also continue to manage the Group functions of strategy and corporate communications until his retirement at the end of the fiscal year on 30th September.