Drone mania reaches fever pitch and bursts while mark II rises from the ashes

First generation farm drones have quickly been supersceded by fully autonomously second-generation models that carry out daily farm jobbing missions without operator intervention – such as the Scout

The most unforgiving Christmas present for 2017 will undoubtedly be a drone.

Once unwrapped and put into use many farmers will realise they simply don’t have the time or patience to operate one of these time consuming farm invaders and as far as processing the data gathered – just have a Bex and a good lie down instead.

Such is the frustration surrounding drone operations and the inevitable conclusion that most operators are way out of their depth, the only solution in many cases will be to find a safe place on your own farm, and blast it out of the sky.

We are speaking here of first generation drones, but such is the euphoria surrounding their indeterminable value to farming operations some makers have now taken a leap into second generation model releases that actually make sense to own.

American Robotics out of Boston Massachusetts in the US is an industrial drone developer that might just have the answer to make farm drones commercial sense.

American Robotics has decided to specialise in agricultural automation, and as such has unveiled a flagship drone called the Scout that takes all the frustration out of operating a farm drone.

The Scout is based on a self-managed drone system that is capable of autonomously carrying out daily farm jobbing missions.

And best of all, Scout delivers this automation in a turn-key package that is self-charging and requires no expertise to operate.

The scout package consists of an autonomous drone with visual and multispectral cameras – everything you need to conduct professional level drone activity around a farm.

With the key to its success being it’s supplied with a weatherproof drone station to handle housing, charging, data processing and data transfer. Once installed on-farm with the coordinates for its operation, it requires no further manual intervention to fly and manage its drone operations.

The Scout rises from its weatherproof shelter as pre-programmed to survey its list of duties for the day – then relays high frequency data to farmers anxious to maintain effective crop and stock management control

As programmed, the drone will rise from its weatherproof station and undertake the tasks it has been deployed to follow. Crop and livestock reports and analysis are then seamlessly sent to the farmer.

The technology behind Scout was developed to counter the frustration encountered by farmers and agronomists and addresses the unique logistical and time challenges they face using first generation drones.

As a result, Scout is the first practical, on-farm drone system that truly addresses the needs of the farm industry. Full-automation is a key ingredient in the future of precision farming, and American Robotics can finally deliver this capability to farmers.

Second generation drones such as Scout will now advance precision agriculture. It will fly the whole farm without a farmer being there, and send through imagery data at a frequency and resolution necessary for effective crop and stock management.

The system has already been deployed in a range of agricultural locations across the United States, with production release scheduled for early 2018.

Request more information at: http://www.american-robotics.com/customer-request