Drought Resilience Leaders open mentor and mentee positions in round 2

You will have to get your skates on if you want to join in but urgent action and being able to respond quickly is what it’s all about as round 2 applications open for business

There are farmers with all the knowledge that a fledging newcomer needs to be successful and now that knowledge is being shared through the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF)

If you are currently involved in farming and looking for some trusted advice around your career, farming and personal goals, that help is at hand.

There are mentors currently interested in supporting the next generation of rural and regional leaders by sharing their experience and knowledge as part of a national network of mentees and mentors working together to respond to the impact of drought and climate change.

Round 2 applications are now open for Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program. Applications close 19 November 2021. Apply today via this link.

While more than 270 people have already signed up to become a mentor or mentee as part of the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program. Now, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) is offering a second opportunity for farmers, people in agriculture and with industry experience to join the program and connect others, share advice and tackle common challenges together.

“Mentoring has always been part of farming. For generations, farmers have learned from their peers, neighbours and friends. This program builds on that and gives farmers the opportunity to learn from others with lived experience and those who really understand farm businesses and the challenges of drought. 

“The program is building a network of people from every corner of rural, regional and remote Australia to connect and grow personally and professionally. The NFF is excited to be partnering with the ARLF to deliver such an important initiative,” said NFF President, Fiona Simson. 

Round 2 applications are now open and the ARLF is encouraging anyone who is interested to apply for this national mentoring program. 

Commenting on the opportunity, ARLF Chief Executive Matt Linnegar said, We have had a fantastic response to the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program and are excited that people from many places and backgrounds have put their hand up to be mentors and mentees. It’s an opportunity for famers and people in agriculture to work together to support the next generation of regional and rural leaders.

“A chance to test new approaches and thinking, which is something we would like to offer to as many people as possible. But be quick – applications are only open for a short time. It’s as little as one conversation a month for six months, so take advantage of these new places becoming available.”

ARLF Chief Executive Matt Linnegar says there has been a fantastic response to the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program with people from many places and backgrounds becoming mentors and mentees

This is how the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program works

  • The Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program brings together farmers and people with a close connection to the agriculture sector to share trusted advice and provide support to help tackle challenges and maximise opportunities associated with climate science, wellbeing, business and agricultural practice.
  • The program pairs farmers, as well as people working in agriculture and the rural sector, with experienced mentors. They will work through a series of six virtual mentoring sessions, to address topics and issues related to their specific goals and needs.
  • It is fully funded as part of the Government’s Future Drought Fund initiative and is as simple as a ‘virtual chat’ to share knowledge, work towards goals, help solve problems and seek support and advice.
  • At the end of the sessions, participants will become part of ARLF’s national alumni network providing ongoing access to resources and networks.
  • The program is designed to share knowledge and build drought and climate resilience in rural communities throughout Australia.
  • Apply on this link.

New drought resilience webinar series. Register today
As part of the Drought Resilience Leaders Program, the ARLF is hosting an eight-part ‘lunch and learn’ webinar series which will explore what it takes to make Australian rural communities drought and climate change resilient and ready to take on the future. The first two sessions will be held on 26 October 2021 and 18 November 2021 at 12.00 pm AEDT.

  • Webinar 1: Lessons learned from drought – How we can build resilience in rural communities.
  • Webinar 2: Inclusion and diversity – Why there is a place for everyone in ag.

The series continues from 3 February 2022 and then on the second Thursday of each month. Participate in panel discussions with regional leaders and industry professionals and learn from real-life case studies from across the country. Free of charge, the webinar series is open to all. Register on this link.