Easy Cleaner boosts trough hygiene

The Speedy Trough Cleaner makes short work of removing residues to boost feeding hygiene

The award-winning Speedy Trough Cleaner from German pig equipment manufacturer Meier-Brakenberg is designed to wash feed troughs quickly, thoroughly and conveniently.

By making it easy to remove feed residues and stray manure from troughs, the cleaner ensures the best feed hygiene by removing the potential for mould and bacteria to grow.

The cleaner is coupled to the gun of a pressure cleaner for use, and can then both clean feed troughs, and remove liquid and solid food residues.

The handle on the Speedy Trough Cleaner also doubles as a valve that swaps the water flow from the cleaning lance to a clever system that produces a sucking action to empty the feed troughs.

In sucking mode, the high-pressure water is forced out of a draining pipe through a ventur.

This creates the sucking force required to draw material out of the trough and onto the floor, where it can fall through the slats.

For more information see: https://www.meier-brakenberg.de/en/


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