Easy fertilizer spreader

As an innovation for Amazone’s ZA-V fertiliser spreader product line now offers the EasySet operating system. This new, in-cab terminal allows the specific, simple and comfortable actuation of all the basic functions of the spreader which are all electrically adjusted and actuated via the new machine-specific in-cab terminal. Source: AFDJ eNews

As on all ZA-V models, this EasySet variant is also equipped with the precision spreading unit for working widths of 10m to 36m and features the Soft Ballistic System SBS.

It is offered with hopper volumes from 1400 to 4200l and can be equipped with the Limiter V+ electric border spreading system for side, border or water course spreading around the headland.

With the aid of the EasySet terminal, the apertures can be adjusted by key pressure independently on either the left or right hand side and they can be readjusted on the move.

This also allows individual rate adaptation for the left and right hand side.

For operating the Limiter V+, initially the desired lowering depth for the relevant setting is pre-selected via the “+/-” keys on the in-cab terminal.

Then the activation is done via that specific Limiter button. The change of the Limiter functions, for instance from field side to border or water course spreading is also done via the “+/-” keys.

Depending on the situation, such as, for example, during water course spreading, the spread rate can also be reduced in the direction of the field’s edge.

As no hydraulic connections are necessary, the ZA-V Easy can be more quickly mounted and dismounted. So, to commence operation with the spreader, just a 3-pin power supply cable and the PTO shaft have to be first coupled to the tractor.