Egg production in 2020-21 was worth $911 million and will grow to $952 million in 2021-22

This income came off the back of hard work producing 376 million dozen eggs in 2020-21, forecast to grow to 387 million dozen in 2021-22.

The industry continues to come under scrutiny to meet community expectations and has been able to enhance sustainability, based on technology and research.

Egg farmers are often on small holdings but they play an important role in agriculture and our way of life.

Agriculture’s gross value of production in 2021-22 is forecast to hit a record $73 billion and our egg production forms part of that success story.

Eggs are so important in our national diet, and customers appreciate the extraordinary efforts of our producers have gone to over the past year to maintain supply.

Almost 90% of respondents agreed in a recent community research survey, commissioned by Australian Eggs, that the egg industry is an important part of our agriculture industry, whether that be from the local farmgate or market stall or from supermarket shelf or home delivery kitchen.

A similar number agreed that the egg industry is important to the Australian way of life, which is not surprising given our love of fresh eggs in national favourites like egg and bacon rolls and pavlova.

Behind our egg industry

·         89% of community members agreed that the egg industry is an important part of the agriculture industry

·         87% Australians agreed that the egg industry is important to our way of life

·         The research commissioned by Australian Eggs is the fourth annual cycle of community engagement that explores the Australian public’s attitudes and opinions towards the egg industry and informs the Australian Eggs annual Sustainability Framework Report