Ennor Engineering releases the 32 Series 12.7 GEN II

Ennor’s 32 Series 12.7 GEN II is the first unit built in a range a 56 Plate Swing Fold models with a cutting width of 7 metres

Ennor is having great success with its latest release 32 Series 12.7 GEN II models built to a much heavier standard for working through the dry pans of central NSW and Qld

Since the first model from this series was released in early 2021 there have been strong sales with machines going into Southern and Central NSW, Central and North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Ennor 32 Series 12.7 GEN II models are built with a much heavier main frame. The frame has been increased in strength from 200x100x12mm to 250x150x12.5mm RHS.

The gang frames have also been increased to 250×150, with 12.5mm thickness for 32 – 48 plate models and 16mm thickness for 52-56 plate models.

Other upgrades that set these models apart include hardened pins on all pivots, a 100mm diameter gang pivot pin, large floatation tyres or optional Aircraft tyres.

A stronger levelling control has also been fitted. This is hydraulic in operation and includes a unique level lift system that allows the operator to raise and lower the machine while at the same time keeping the machine level with a single control input.

This series now come standard with greaseable bearings that incorporates a relief system to eliminate any chance of over greasing.

This system allows the operator to flush the bearing with fresh grease, replacing the old grease as well as pushing through any contaminates.

Ennor engineers have found this system to be very successful in extending bearing life as well as reducing maintenance intervals.

Getting up closer you can see the shear strength of 32 Series 12.7 GEN II models has built-in with the main frame increased in size from the standard 200x100x12mm RHS to 250x150x12.5mm RHS

Alternatively, there is the option of our oil-bath bearing system if required. The oil-bath system was developed completely in-house and over 5,000 hrs of testing has been performed during development.

Every oil-bath hub Ennor produces is test run and that includes testing for temperature variations and torque. The tester then performs the first oil change before final assembly of the machine.

Ennor have a long history with 810mm (32-inch) disc machines with the first being produced in 1980. This was a Disc Banker used in the rice industry.

The first Ennor disc plough with 810mm (32-inch) discs was manufactured in 1998 and was displayed at the Henty field days that year.

The second 810mm (32-inch) machine was a monster that worked across 12m (40ft) , and with 96 plates the plough weighed in at over 22 tonnes.

Even today no other manufacturer has produced a 810mm (32-inch)  disc plough this large. In the current Ennor range the largest 810mm (32-inch) machine is the 100 plate 12.65m (41.5ft) 32 Series 12.7. These machines can mass up to 24.5 tonnes depending on the specification.

Contact Ennor Engineering for any specialised build or production model availability for the coming season on tel: 1800 813 115, or email to: craig.ennor@ennor.com.au

For more information go to www.ennor.com.au.