Equalizer air cart high capacity 20000 M-4 model release

The Equalizer shown here sports a 4-bin split of 6000/4000/4000/6000 litres and that offers the widest possible options for product placement with a total capacity of 20000-litres

It’s been two years in the making, but now with the release of the 20000M-4 4-bin Equalizer Air Cart, it has well been worth the wait.

Equalizer has designed an Air Cart that not only differentiates its self from anything else on market but also sets the bar at a new level.

This 20,000-litre capacity Air Cart can offer a bin split of 6000/4000/4000/6000 litres and is able to ramp up production to levels not previously available with many more passes from each fill.

The Equalizer Air Cart runs a pressurised system that is able to guarantee an ultimate performance for every run. And to remove risk of air leaks and to also coincide with Australian OH&S regulations, Equalizer have designed a ground filled air cart.

This removes the need of elevated stair cases and large lid opening systems. Each bin/pod has its own internal auger, similar to the bubble auger theory on a header.

The Digi-Star scales on the Equalizer have an external screen display to observe when filling and also an internal cab display running through the ISOBUS

Each pod is plastic mould injected which leaves a sleek and light weight finish. The pods are equipped with Digi-Star scales so the exact weight of each pod is known to the operator.

The Digi-Star scales have an external screen display for filling purposes and also displays internally through the tractors ISOBUS.

Having a known weight takes the guessing out of sowing but most importantly can prevent major miss calculations.

To make sure everything is accurate, technology through Topcon is now available that takes out any guesswork as it is able to auto-calibrate. This is achieved through a combination of the scales providing the known weight and the GPS providing the hectares planted. The system can then make the calculations and adjust the product rates with the confirmation of the operator.

An impressive stainless-steel metering system is configured to allow mixing throughout the lines. For example the operator is able to place 25 per cent of their MAP in with the seed.

Product can also be allocated to different pods throughout the cropping program and as a result this provides the utmost flexibility and efficiency when sowing across different crops.

Equalizer has only released a limited number of air carts for the 2018 season. But for the 2019 season, Equalizer will have the full Air Cart range with capacities from 12,000 to 20,000-litres in tow-behind and tow-between configurations.

Harberger Pty Ltd will be servicing South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. For more information go to: www.harberger.com.au