Farm produce together with fisheries and forestry reaches a record $86.8 billion

For the first time, the gross value of agricultural production, including fisheries and forestry, is forecast to be a record-breaking $86.8 billion.

And the value of our exports is expected to be a record $64 billion for 2021-22. Finally, the season has have been with us, and primary producers and growers have responded.

It is expected production will increase across most livestock and crop commodities. This year will be our largest total volume of agricultural commodities ever.

That’s an enormous effort in the face of some of the biggest challenges Australian agriculture has faced, from fire, mouse plagues, flood, drought and COVID-19.

Despite all this, Australian farmers have simply got on with the job and continued to produce the best food and fibre in the world.

Not only have Australian farmers shown extraordinary resilience in the face of real adversity, but they’re also looking to the future towards that $100 billion industry goal set for 2030.

The Federal Government is backing that goal with over $5.5 billion since 2019-20 in direct support for Ag2030 measures across the seven themes of the Delivering Ag2030 plan.

Australia’s agricultural industry is one that we should all be proud of. For the all the hard work that our farmers do, on behalf of a grateful nation, we all need to say a simple thank you.

Farm produce farmgate value:

·     The agricultural industry is forecast to be worth a record $86.8 billion in 2021-22 comprised of $81.0 billion farm, $3.6 billion fishery, and $2.2 billion forestry production.