Farm World at Lardner Park returns bigger and brighter than ever

It’s the first big Field day event for the 2021 calendar and Farm World organisers have pulled out all stops to make it a must attend event
Let the show begin. First up for the major Field Days 2021 is Farm World with its innovative program capturing the hearts of Exhibitors and Visitors wanting to show their support of the event

There is so much confidence surrounding Farm world 2021 it is expected to attract one of its biggest audiences for the past 40 years, Farm World will be a 3 day event – running from Friday to Sunday on 26 to 28 March.

Farm World will set the scene for all following Field Days in 2021, so it is imperative that everybody in the industry attends this event to show support for the great work that all events around the country stand for – community spirit.

For starters, every Victorian in the farm industry should attend, and If you are interstate, get on a plane and come and take a look at all the effort that has gone into making this one of the most exciting and informative Field Days ever held.

The Lardner Park board and the Management team of Farm World have made many changes and innovations to the 2021 event, they are introducing what is expected to be new crowd pleasing exhibits and moving demonstrations of farm vehicles and equipment.

Farm World deserves your attendance, it was one of the worst affected event cancellations in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Just 10 days out from all the hard work that went into organising Farm World 2020, with exhibitors already in place and with local community volunteers in support, the event was cancelled by shutdown rules.

There will be no such repeat in 2021 as COVID-19 becomes a mere blip in the past as a vaccine and safety precautions such as tracing will allow all field Day events rostered for 2021 to go ahead.

The best way to secure an entry for the Farm World 2021 event is to order Online at: HERE

This will secure entry to what is likely to be the first of many innovations and changes that Field Days will offer for 2021 and moving forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the crowd pleasers that Farm World is presenting at its 2021 event.

Live farm equipment demonstrations will be a major drawcard for Farm World 2021 while Ag Dealers and Farmers will also shape up in a friendly skills competition

Farmers Day

Friday 26 March 2021 9am to 5pm

Everyone in attendance will gain some great insights into life today on a farm and see what role farm tractors and equipment plays in running a successful farm operation.

From planting the seed, to all the care in between and to cutting hay and harvesting crops to getting around the sheep and cows, farmers make full use of the equipment available to them.

Live demonstrations in a dedicated paddock will showcase the most popular tractor models, along with latest release implements that combine to save farmers valuable time making their farm produce.

Large concrete barriers will protect the crowd from moving vehicles, but everyone will be close enough to the action to catch the atmosphere of a fully-fledged farm operation.

For anyone wanting to take a closer look, with the prospect of buying will be able to get even closer and check out the tractor controls, and sample the comfort offered in the cabs.

Make sure you catch the supposed “friendly” competition between dealers and farmers who will be matching skills backing a trailer on a tractor and will also have to drive through a tough obstacle course.

This part of the program will take place at the bottom of the Demo paddock and organisers have billed this event as, “Who has the skills to get around the obstacles and who can beat the clock at the same time.”

And with an area for Patrons to observe and cheer or simply sit and enjoy, this is sure to create a bit of – good old fashioned fun, rivalry and competition.

For many farm operations this competition content is a typical day’s work for many farmers, highlighting their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

You choose who you want to barrack for, the Dealers or the farmers, watch to see which one comes out on top.

Farm World is widely regarded as one of Victoria’s premier regional agricultural events and attracts more than 55,000 visitors and over 800 exhibitors

 Twilight trading day

Saturday 27 March 2021 10am to 7pm

Organisers are introducing a Twilight trading day, on Saturday with a 10am start and 7pm finish where all visitors will be presented with a wide array of  lifestyle exhibitors.

Many of the exhibitors will offer handmade products that are often hard to find. These will range from home-made jams and condiments, to clothing and shoes for the fashion conscious.

For farmers more interested in the latest product releases and talking a special deal,  Ag Dealers will be inviting farmers to join them at a function inside and outside the Cattle Rotunda.

This historic selling rotunda relocated back in the 90’s to Lardner Park from the local Livestock yards and central to the property.

This more relaxed atmosphere will allow farmers and exhibitors to get together over a few mid-strength ales and chat, network and engage in some serious bargaining.

Organisers understand farming can be a lonely and isolated existence so Farm world 2021  wants to offer an opportunity for a get together between exhibitors and farmers and share farming stories, successes and challenges.

Because of this special session, AG Exhibitors will be able to close their sites at 5pm and join their invited farmers at the function.

However, all other visitors including farmers’ families can continue to get around the lifestyle exhibitors through until 7pm and enjoy the twilight shopping opportunity.

Trek the track with a camel ride plus see a huge variety of animals and chat with the breeders in the new “Cattle Corner” and watch the kelpie dogs round up sheep, or chat to an alpaca

Farming Families Day

Sunday 28 March 2021 9am to 4pm

It’s time to get back to the exhibitors that have a product that has captured the visitors attention. Take the plunge – buy it – and support a local business at the same time.

The last day of the Farm World event will havea Farming families theme, highlighting more of the lifestyle and leisure exhibitors and picking up a bargain on the final day.

Organisers expect many visitors to travel to the event from well outside the local region, so have decided to close at 4pm.

This will also give a head start to the many exhibitors who have travelled far and wide, and are keen to get home to their families.

So on the final day lets tick off our check list of what there is still to see.

It wouldn’t be Farm World without a huge variety of animals. You can chat with the cattle breeders in the new “Cattle Corner” and check out the different breeds, watch the kelpie dogs round up sheep, chat to an alpaca, or trek the track with a camel ride.

And you shouldn’t have missed any of these indoor and outdoor exhibitor displays across the 40ha (100 acres) of Farm World. Clothing, outdoor living including boats and caravans.

Did you note the Return to Heritage theme each day that was themed towards Farmers and Exhibitors, recognising the original concept of why Farming Field Days were so valuable to Farmers and Exhibitors as far back as 1963.

And especially for the farm industry or handyman the big exhibits of power equipment, farm machinery horse floats, sheds, vehicles, technology, and masses of must-have tools. 

Another must see attraction of Farm World sits snugly in the String + Salt demonstration kitchen in the Events Centre, where live cooking demonstrations take place and choose from an array of gourmet delights.

Held on Saturday and Sunday the 27 and 28 March, the Events Centre will come alive with Farm World Market Place.   

It’s a great opportunity to bring your basket and stock up with loads of very unique homemade, homegrown goodies. These will be a must-see attraction during Farm World 2021.

Farm World will be a 3 day event – running from Friday to Sunday on 26 to 28 March.

Contact Farm World on tel:  +61 3 5626 1373 or email:

For more details of the event, log onto: Farm World

The best way to secure a ticket

Make sure you get an entry ticket, by securing it Online.

Visitors and exhibitors will avoid standing in a long line if tickets are pre-purchased.

Your ticket will include a contactless QR code that can printed out or better still, kept on smart phone devices for scanning at the gate.

Tickets can be purchased at : HERE

What the organisers have to say about the 2021 event

Farm World 2021 received overwhelming support from previous exhibitors.

Lardner Park chief executive Craig Debnam said, “After surveying all Exhibitors we receiving an overwhelmingly positive response of over 91% wanting to attend, while the remaining 9% simply can’t attend due to international travel restrictions.

 “With our COVID-19 safe plan in place, we have opened exhibitor applications with a steady confirmation to exhibitors of site allocations.

“ Payment terms have been adapted to support our Exhibitors, with a smaller than usual deposit (25% to confirm booking and remaining fees payable later in Feb to assist exhibitors and cashflow).

“Exhibitors are thrilled with the innovations we have introduced, including a new Twilight trading day with later start and finish times for Exhibitors to encourage innovation and networking opportunities.

“ With our return to Heritage theme, we have also reintroduced demonstrations for key Ag exhibitors including Ag Dealers and Industry distributors.

“ Importantly, farmers and families will remain a key focus of our activations, as will community and safety.

“The Lardner Park Board have unanimously supported our efforts to conduct a successful Farm World 2021 and we are looking forward to seeing our loyal exhibitors and patrons back,” Craig Debnam concluded.Lardner Park acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which the property is situated, and pays respect to their Elders, past and present and future.


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