Fendt adds tech innovations to its large tractors

Fendt 1000 Vario tractors are getting a range of technology options to improve operator efficiency and protect against theft or damage

Fendt 1000 Vario tractors are getting a range of technology options that will improve operator efficiency, comfort level and also protect against theft or damage.

Currently being rolled out in northern hemisphere markets it includes the option of electrically adjustable rear view mirrors said to give operators particularly good sight over large attachments and in difficult turning situations.

Position lights are also attached to the mirror casing for better detection in road traffic. The mirrors are also heated to keep them clear in all working conditions.

For protection against machine or fuel theft and unauthorised access to the engine, buyers can option an encoded key for the door, ignition, bonnet and diesel tank.

To relieve long days in the tractor seat, there is also an optional infotainment package and a 4.1 sound system including subwoofers.

The infotainment package includes a hands-free mobile telephone connection system with eight microphones installed in the sunroof.

The special arrangement of these microphones provides the best sound quality from any work position.

You can control the system on the tractor’s display, for ease of use. Receive both AM/FM and digital channels and play from external audio sources via Bluetooth, USB or AUX.

The Fendt 900 Vario MT now has a joystick to operate its 264mm (10.4in) display, providing the ability to do things like pre-program headland sequences

For the Fendt 900 Vario MT there is a joystick for the 264mm (10.4-in) display.

The joystick expands the operating capabilities of the Fendt 900 Vario MT so you can pre-program headland sequences.

There are now two control options for hydraulic valves, offering added scope to the hydraulic functions.

The joystick lets the operator set the cruise control and speed as required, making it easier to control the tractor.

For information on availability call Fendt on tel: 1800 802 914, or go to: www.fendt.com/au/


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