Fendt brings high-capacity IDEAL combine to Australia

Fendt IDEAL combine
Fendt will offer the IDEAL in four models ranging from 332 to 581kW (451 to 790hp) and with a grain tank capacity of 17,100 litres

Fendt has given large-scale growers and contractors an early Christmas gift with the announcement it will expansion its product line with the IDEAL combine harvester.

This offering sees Fendt enter the competitive harvester market for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.

Built at AGCO’s European Harvesting Centre of Excellence in Breganze Italy, the IDEAL is a combine that has been designed and engineered from the ground up. It is the first time Fendt has brought a harvester to Australia but alert market watchers will be aware the IDEAL is already here under the other AGCO badge of Massey Ferguson.

The IDEAL was a long time in development and AGCO has paid special attention to efficiency, grain and straw quality, reliability and ease of use, as well as sensor technology for optimal machine settings.

“We’re very excited to be offering the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester into the ANZ region”, said Jake Kerr, product marketing manager for harvesting at AGCO.

“The Fendt IDEAL is a high capacity and technology leading combine that aligns perfectly with Fendt’s positioning in the professional broad-acre sector.”

Fendt will offer the IDEAL in four models ranging from 332 to 581kW (451 to 790hp).

The IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 offer high-performance MAN engines, and the IDEAL 7 runs on an AGCO Power engine.

Helix threshing and separating

Helix processor

The IDEAL’s helix threshing unit and separating system is aimed at producing the best grain quality and in-paddock efficiency. Grains are separated cleanly without negatively impacting on the straw quality, thanks to a rotor with a 4.84m length and 600mm diameter.

In order to handle the harvest with as much care as possible, and to ensure a constant load on the rotor, the intake augers, threshing bars and rotor fingers are arranged in a spiral helix formation around the rotor. The IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 work with a dual helix threshing unit with two rotors, whilst the IDEAL 7 works with a single helix threshing unit and one rotor.

Two grain pans for optimal cleaning

The IDEAL has two grain pans at the front of the threshing unit, meaning that the front end of the preparation floor can already be filled with crop.

The rear grain pan catches the material from the separation area and distributes it in the rear area. This means the entire length of the preparation floor is used and the crop is evenly distributed for increased efficiency.

The curve of the two grain pans also provide for consistent output even on slopes.

Losses on gradients of up to 15 per cent are reduced in comparison with conventional combines, which also helps the operator as they do not have to make additional adjustments.

WavePan ensures increased cleaning capacity


A patented WavePan system with a curved double cascade, provides a wider air outlet, which can significantly increase the air volume.

This is designed to make the cleaning system more efficient. Most short straw and chaff is separated from the grain on the first drop between preparation floor and intermediate floor.

Huge capacity and fast unload

The Fendt IDEAL is equipped with one of the largest grain tanks on the combine market with a capacity of 17,100-litres and it can unload that grain at a rapid 210 litres per second.

For increased ease of operation when unloading, the operator can use a ScrollSwing control on the joystick to move the discharge tube back and forth during transfer.

Hydraulic adjustment of the discharge rate through the streamer gates also helps create an optimised unloading process.

Top performance

A narrow vehicle frame of just 1.4m provides more space for even the widest tyres and crawler track options to reduce ground pressure.

The Fendt IDEAL also complies with most current traffic regulations with maximum vehicle widths of below 3.3 and 3.5m.

AutoDock link

Short set-up times increase the efficiency of the grain harvest and AGCO has developed the automatic AutoDock header docking system for this purpose. From the convenience of the cab, and by the push of a button on the terminal, users can complete electrical and hydraulic coupling in just 5 seconds.

The automatic header docking works through an RFID code, the Ag Tag which can be fitted to all headers (optional).  The combine automatically recognises the header in question.

On the Varioterminal display menu, the RFID code retrieves the last settings for the table, e.g. dimensions and sensitivity settings for automatic header control. This shifts the onus away from the operator.

Fendt IDEAL header
IDEAL operators can choose branded headers out to 12.2m (40ft)

Smooth crop flow

The new SuperFlow table, available for the Fendt IDEAL combine now offers a maximum operating width of 12.2m (40ft).

To accommodate this increased crop flow, the IDEALharvest system sends the capacity status of the threshing unit and cleaning in real time to the combine using Mass Acoustic Detection sensors (MADS).

The sensors are fitted along the rotors and the shaker shoe, and detect the flow of crop within the machine as well as any losses which occur.

Using the MAD sensors in combination with a grain quality camera, allows grain losses, percentage of cracked grain, and grain purity to be displayed.

The operator can look at the iPad display in real time to see whether more material can be found in the front or on the right or left of the processor.

With the aid of the SmartConnect app, they can then select a customised harvest strategy between cracked grain, grain loss and purity, within a triangle adjustment displayed on the iPad.

The operator also sets the ratio between machine output and quality.

The machine then adjusts itself on a continuous basis based on these settings and reacts in real time to changing harvest conditions.

Fendt IDEAL cab view
An unbostructed forward view greats those who opt for the IDEAL’s joystick control option.

Increased visibility and space

For those that are ready to ditch the steering wheel, the Fendt IDEAL offers the IDEALdrive joystick control option. The joystick’s control and response are proportional to the driving speed and the steering lock angle on the wheel.

Fendt says the system is easy and safe to control in every situation and it increases forward visibility by removing the entire steering column structure.

Fendt has also commissioned university studies that suggest the system reduces operator muscle activity by  65 per cent compared to a conventional steering wheel.

For more information call Fendt on tel: 03 9313 0313 or go to: www.fendt.com/au/combines/ideal-highlights


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